We’re Lead Safe Certified. Why does it Matter?

The word “LEAD” written in vintage dirty metal letterpress type on a whitewashed wooden background with ink and paint stains.


As a consumer, do you care about certifications?  Do you look for these types of things when hiring a professional?  If you do not, it is time to start paying attention!  You want to hire the best there is in the industry for the various jobs you need to be completed.  At American Windows in Jacksonville FL, we strive to showcase our expertise with things such as being lead safe certified.  When you are working on having a set of replacement windows installed in Jacksonville, you want to be sure it will be handled properly.


What is the Certification?


The United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has what is known as a lead safe certification.  This is a certification that has to be applied for through the government agency and then renewed periodically.


The certification is a testament to the level of knowledge and expertise that a company has in dealing with lead.  It also states that lead safe work practices are executed at all times.  When you are having replacement windows installed in Jacksonville FL, this can be an important certification for many reasons.


Why Care About Lead?

Lead is one of those substances that can be extremely dangerous when not handled properly.  Think about the windows you have in your home.  How long have they been there?  Some homes in Florida have had windows for more than 30 years and now it is time to have them replaced.


The team at American Windows in Jacksonville FL wants to be sure we handle these old windows with care.  When we remove them and if they have lead paint on them, for example, none of that lead manages to make it inside of the home.  Air quality can take a hit when you are talking about lead causing the home to become toxic very quickly.


Lead safe certified means that the professionals you hire knew what they are doing about this substance.  Our team is trained in what to look out for so that lead dust particles are not kicked up incorrectly and nothing is installed with lead that could prove to be dangerous in the short or long-term.


Seek the Certification


You want to be looking for the lead safe certification when hiring a professional that will do any repair or restoration work in the household.  Replacing or repairing windows falls under this category for sure!  The certification helps give you comfort that the team you hire is not going to do anything to harm the air quality of the home.


Lead is nothing to mess around with!  Our team at American Windows in Jacksonville FL understands the potency of lead and the harm it can cause.  When the time comes to have replacement windows installed in your Jacksonville FL home, find the the lead safe certification.  The certification should provide you with an assurance that lead will be nothing you have to be concerned with once the work begins in and around the home.