Winter gets incredibly cold, even in Florida! Your first thought is to turn up the heat in your home, but sometimes this does more harm than good. Even with the heat blasting, outdated windows will still allow the cold air to pour into your house. When windows become 10+ years old, their ability to insulate severely deteriorates. Long story short, skip the last minute patch repairs. Fully replacing your windows will keep your home much warmer in the winter, and save you lots of stress and money.

The increased energy efficiency you’ll immediately notice after replacing your windows is more substantial than you’d think. Because of the way new windows are manufactured, designed and installed, they do a far better job of maintaining a desired temperature inside your home and keeping your energy bills low.

The Window Framing

Old window frames typically have cracks and obvious weathering, which gives cold air just enough room to flow into your house. Older windows have frames that are typically made of wood, which is know to break down, crack and rot over the years. As the years go by, gaps form in your deteriorating window frames.When you hire the awesome American Window Products team to install new windows in your house, you’ll receive solid, vinyl frames that’ll insulate your home perfectly.

Double Paned Windows

In addition to top of the line vinyl frames, new windows come standard with double paned glass. If your home has outdated windows, chances are they only have a single pane of glass. A single pane of glass might do the bare minimum of keeping rain outside, but they’re terrible when it comes to energy efficiency, insulation and noise reduction.

But not to worry, because new windows equipped with double paned glass can solve all those problems. The two panes of glass within the frames of the windows are double protection against harsh weather and debris.

Energy efficiency is definitely an important factor for all homeowners. When you start planning for a window replacement, we have no doubt you’ll be amazed by the results. Our skilled team at American Window Products will walk you through the project, help you select the best windows and explain how to get the most out of your new vinyl windows. The winter months might be chilly, but double paned windows will keep your home comfortable all year long.