The new year is almost upon us and is bringing with it a whole new sense of style. Curvy furniture, Zen-style ‘lightness,’ and all the shades of green are just some of the biggest home design trends for 2022. 

But even the most beautifully designed room won’t have that ‘wow’ factor without proper lighting to bring it all together. And because 2022 trends will incorporate muted tones and organic, earthy materials, it makes sense that there will be an emphasis on using lots of natural lighting.

Natural lighting offers a wealth of benefits. It can highlight architectural elements like arches, illuminate the textures and hues you’ve chosen, and can even make a space look bigger than it really is. 

Every home designer knows the number and placement of windows is a crucial home design element— but are bigger windows always better?

Bigger Windows Can Mean Bigger Savings

It’s well known that poor window placement and design can cause serious heating and cooling problems, but did you know that large windows actually can save you some bucks? 

Most of us blame windows for making our homes too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. But actually, it’s an insulation and/or installation issue that causes these problems, not the windows themselves. 

The key is choosing the most effective frame type— like wood, fiberglass, or multi-chambered vinyl frames — and energy-efficient glass. 

And if you’re more like a weekend warrior DIY-er than an installation pro, save yourself the headache and call in the experts to do the job. You’ll thank yourself later when the temperature in your house always feels just right (just like your electric bill)!

It seems counterintuitive, but as long as they are constructed using the right materials and are installed by an expert, large windows can be energy-efficient. 

Illusions of Grandeur

Bigger windows can create the illusion of more space. 

Particularly effective in tight spaces, large windows can make even the most cramped room more spacious and airy, especially if you leave them uncovered

Inside Out

COVID meant we had to hunker down during the height of the pandemic which, after months and months, gave new meaning to ‘cabin fever.’ 

For many, COVID brought with it an eagerness to convert our living spaces from homes into havens since we were spending so much time inside. 

And large windows can be a great way to connect with nature, giving homeowners that indoor/outdoor living space feeling, and improving their health. (Did you know that according to studies, natural light can boost serotonin levels, regulate metabolic systems, and increase cognitive function?)

Larger windows allow a better view of the surrounding landscape and can help you feel closer to nature even as you relax inside your home. 

Large windows coupled with an abundance of house plants will also add to that indoor-outdoor living space feel and can bring a certain sense of style and serenity to your space. 

Lighten Up

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of large windows is that they let in an abundance of natural light which can make a huge difference in a room’s atmosphere. 

Dark or dim rooms tend to be less inviting and can even feel dreary and lifeless. In some cases, a space may not be used very often for its lack of ambiance. 

So choosing larger, well-placed windows can make all the difference, transforming a somber room into a cheerful retreat. 

Consult With The Experts

Choosing the right windows for your home is hugely important if you want to achieve the look and feel of a home that feels like a haven. 

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