The process of purchasing a home can be stressful, drawn out and tiring. It’s one of the biggest decisions and purchases most people will ever make, so it’s important to make sure you’re investing your money wisely. A lot of importance is placed on home inspections in the buying process and for a good reason. Home inspectors can find a problem in the structure and assets of a house before you make it a home, saving you plenty of anxiety and money.

It’s incredibly important to pay attention to the state of a house’s windows before making the big purchase. Windows are a big investment, and replacing the windows in a house you just purchased can be a big additional cost that you might not have planned for. Carefully inspecting the windows of your new Jacksonville home will prepare you for any repairs or replacements you may need, and prevent any surprises along the way.

Paying Attention to Signs of Leaks

Outdated or damaged windows can give way to leaks, which is a major stressor for any new homeowner. Ask your home inspector to pay close attention to the structural build of the windows and the quality of seal. If you the windows have multiple panes, check between the two panes for any signs of moisture.

Leaking windows can be a major problem for a few reasons. When windows leak, the opportunity for mold to grow in and around your home greatly increases. Water leaking through your windows can also be hazardous to the assets inside your home. Don’t let moisture, mildew and mold to wreak havoc on your expensive furniture and decor. Keeping the rain outside where it belongs is an absolute necessity, and the team at American Window Products can make sure your windows are up to the task.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

Before purchasing a home, do a little research into the energy efficiency of the windows that the previous owners installed. Ask questions about their age, the frame material, etc. See if you can feel whether or not you have any drafts that are coming through the windows. This can be as simple as just putting your hand up to the window and around the edges of it.

You might have a tough time discovering the energy efficiency of the windows in the home you’re purchasing. When you consult us, we can easily figure out their efficiency and whether or not they need to be repaired or replaced. Our experts can be an extra layer of security, along with the home inspector, to ensure you’re moving into a home with quality and efficient windows.

Home buyers absolutely must inspect the windows before they spend the big bucks on a house. Purchasing a home is such a big decision, and it’s worth spending the time to make sure every part of the structure is working the way it should. American Window Products has a crew of knowledgeable, skilled technicians to assist you in the process, whether that be a consultation of the window’s quality or a full replacement.