Attractive home windowsIf you’re purchasing new windows on your own, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and the functionality of each type. But, it’s worth mentioning that the great people at American Window Products provide incredible guidance and customer service to eliminate pressure from the selection process. Our goal is to educate every client we have so they’re totally comfortable with the decision they make for a window replacement.

The fancy vocabulary used throughout the industry is a big hurdle for homeowners shopping around. Most phrases used are only common knowledge to window professionals. Without knowing the meanings of these phrases, you’ll likely end up with a product you don’t like or want. You likely have an idea of what you want, but matching that idea with what’s available is an entirely different ballgame.

Double Hung Windows

This is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot with windows and basically means the windows can swing two ways. The windows have the ability to swing up and down like you expect, but also swing inward towards you so that you can clean the exterior easily.

Glass Pane

The pane is the piece of glass that makes up the window. When people refer to a type of window, it usually revolves around how many panes of glass the window has. Do you want windows with one pane of glass or a double pane? These are the questions you must consider. When it comes to single panes versus multiple panes, 2+ panes will be a bit more expensive, but provide plenty of benefits like durability and increased energy efficiency.

Window Grids

Windows can also be manufactured to have grids. These grids are essentially woodwork or trim built between two panes of glass. When you see a window that looks like it’s divided into smaller squares, you’re looking at window grids. Grids are a great way to dress up windows and give them a unique look.


Vinyl is another word you’ll hear a lot when shopping for window replacements. Vinyl refers to the material used for the frames of the windows. It’s very durable, easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free.


The next, and probably easiest, vocabulary word to mention is ‘frames.’ The frames of a window hold the glass. It’s the casing of the glass that makes up the exterior of the window built into the side of your home. The frames are as important as the glass when it comes to durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

There are a lot of industry words that get thrown around, and we’re here to make the process a little easier by defining them. Understanding the mechanicals parts of a window and their titles can help you get exactly what you want out of your window replacement project. Our goal is to help you be as comfortable as possible in your renovation decisions so you get the very most out of the project.