Your home isn’t simply a place to sleep, eat, or relax when off from work. It reflects your personality, it’s a place to build memories, and your home is a considerable investment in your life. As the year ends and a new year begins, it’s time to consider ways to upgrade your home and increase its value. A property’s windows are one of the first things someone notices beyond the façade and surrounding landscaping. If you can’t commit to a complete overhaul, simply changing your house  windows and accompanying window treatments will provide a refreshing new look that will turn heads. Continue reading to discover excellent ways to increase your home’s market value and aesthetic appeal.


Investing In Your Home And Success

If you are interested in improving your home’s market value and beauty, there are more than a few worthy things you can do. You can create a more desirable property and get the best return on home improvements by making changes that add to the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Curb appeal
  • Improve security
  • Enhance lighting
  • Support function and enjoyment

One point of interest is installing window products that help reduce energy loss so you can rely less on your HVAC system. There are excellent window products that are fully customizable, built to withstand hurricanes and improve heating and cooling.

The style of our windows for home can radically change the lighting and mood in different rooms, creating a more open kitchen, a generous living room, or a more private bathroom or study. You may be interested in adding specific elements to improve your home’s security, make windows more child-safe, and deter potential lurkers and thieves.

There are many types of new windows for home to fit every budget, so you can give your home a facelift or improve the look and feel of a room so it appears more luxurious without breaking the bank. We cover a range of points and discuss how different windows can fit your lifestyle and give you the best return on home improvements.


Reduce Energy Costs

You can make your home more attractive for potential buyers and yourself by making it more energy efficient. Make a smart home renovation and install double-pane windows over single-pane, or choose panes with low-E glass for improved heating and cooling retention indoors. No matter what window you choose, ensure it has a good seal and fit to prevent cold drafts, moisture, or pests from getting inside.

Think carefully about the R-value of your windows and additional window coverings to reduce a loss of heat or cooling energy indoors. Vinyl frames with foam insulation are good at trapping air and preventing energy loss. Otherwise, you can choose from aluminum or wood frames for your new windows for home. Whether you hang bay windows, bow windows, sliding windows, or even casement windows, use high-quality treated glass to protect against the elements.


Enhance Curb Appeal

Your home’s windows improve natural lighting and ventilation and add to your property’s aesthetic value and comfort. Depending on your needs, you may want to install more oversized windows, switch from sliding or hinge windows to fixed impact windows, or better insulate certain rooms from the elements.

It pays to invest in hurricane windows or Barcelona windows with impact glass and special coatings if you are in an area prone to heavy storms, strong winds, or hurricanes. Consider your current windows in rooms with prominent southern or western exposure, as these are hotter areas that could use a solar screen or protective accesories.

Change up the frames of your house windows so that you have lightweight, durable vinyl frames with foam insulation and a coating that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Consider rooms that could benefit from Hy-lite acrylic block glass, where you want light but need privacy. Also, don’t forget about adding new windows for home to deter potential thieves but still have a high aesthetic value because of their placement and style. You can add additional mechanisms to control how high you can raise your window or make it more child or pet friendly.

Install skylights, bow windows for a panoramic view, sash windows, or awning windows to improve ventilation. Use a combination of stylish windows that slide from left to right or open via a crank. Ensure the glass has protective coatings and a durable frame to survive intense sun exposure, high winds, and frequent rainy weather. Create a story with your windows, whether you want a grand foyer with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights, or a wider window that beckons you to visit the sun porch or deck outside.


Enjoy The View

Living in Florida gives you the privilege of beautiful beaches, palm trees, balmy weather, and fun activities. Install custom windows with unique shapes to control privacy but allow a moderate or full stream of light to flood a room. Choose sliding or casement windows to adjust airflow or use awning windows. These are all good window options to get the best return on home improvements.

Bay windows and bow windows provide a nice view from outside your property and add a touch of charm to your home. Depending on your windows’ style, size, and placement, you can radically transform how you interact with your home and its overall aesthetic.


Hurricane Ready

As storms become more intense during hurricane season and beyond, it’s essential to have tough house windows. Barcelona windows, fixed windows, and hurricane windows are all designed to withstand the impact of the elements. Plus, these windows are also excellent for deterring would-be thieves and prowlers.

Another bonus with hurricane-ready windows, beyond improving security and keeping moisture and drafts out, is that they reduce unwanted energy loss. Make your HVAC system work less, and enjoy a more comfortable indoor temperature in a room with hurricane windows. Because of their design, they have a better fit and solid weather stripping to keep the elements outside where they belong.


Support Ventilation

Some rooms in your home may feel stuffy as if the air isn’t moving adequately. Fix this problem and improve indoor health by using windows for home that promote better airflow circulation. Use hinged or crank windows in your bathroom to let fresh air and light in and keep pests and moisture outside. 

Think about the size and style of windows in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen and whether they lock air in place or keep it moving throughout your house. Choose from single-hung or double-hung windows with a double pane and a protective coating.


Raise The Value Of Your Home With American Window Products

It’s not always possible to schedule or budget for a complete home renovation, so changing the house windows is a more affordable and versatile option. Whether you want to make your home more resistant to hurricanes and storms or seek to improve energy efficiency, there’s a fantastic window product waiting for you. Discover how to get the most out of your property, enjoy a higher ROI, and be the envy of the neighborhood for your home’s curb appeal. Visit All About Windows to start planning your home’s new look today.