We fully understand juuuust how tempting it is to grab the bags and dash out the door for summer vacation. Before you lock up and escape Jacksonville for a while, it’s important to get your home in order. Between chatting with local window companies and double checking your locks, our best advice is to spend a little time to secure your house.

1. Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

No one wants to come home to a flooded kitchen caused by an incessant leak. Turn off the main water supply in your home to avoid any unforeseen accidents. Even if you’re gone for just a few days, avoid the headache and flip the switch.


If you do walk out the door and forget this step, your renters or homeowners insurance should cover the damage.

2. Save Money and Adjust Your Thermostat

Every Floridian knows just how important AC is during the summer. If you head out of town without turning up your thermostat, be prepared for a steep utility bill. Play it safe and always turn up your thermostat a few degrees higher than usual. For example, change the temperature to 78 if you normally keep it at 73.

3. Triple Check the Locks around Your Home

Don’t give con artists the upper hand while you’re away. Between your security system and properly locked windows and doors, your home and belonging will stay safe while you’re away. Of course, even one broken lock can expose your house to the inevitable.


If your windows and doors are over 10 years old, the best precaution you can take is to contact one of the local window companies to check the locks. Take this quick repair or replace quiz before you go on vacay to make sure your windows are in tip-top shape.

4. Notify the Post Office

Nothing shows you’re out of town like piled up mail in the box or on your doorstep. If your home will be totally vacant while away with no one to pick up the mail, ask the USPS to hold it. It’s a free service to use and keeps your mail safe until you return. Win, win.


Be sure to arrange pick up for any packages scheduled for delivery. No one wants valuable packages left on their doorstep for days on end!

5. Keep Your Credit Card Company in the Loop

Eek! Nothing is worse than your credit card getting denied, especially on vacation. Credit card companies make it easier than ever to fill them in on your travel plans. You can most likely take care of this crucial step within your banking app.


If you plan to live large while out of town, make sure you have enough available credit. Again, skip the embarrassment of a bounced credit card transaction by taking the proper precautions.

6. Meet with Your Local Home Pros before You Go

If there’s anything around the house for which you’ve been avoiding the maintenance, now is not the time to push it back even more. A leaky faucet, cracked window panes or a malfunctioning door lock are all issues that need your attention.


Window companies like us at American Window Products see it multiple times per year. Homeowners go out of town and come home to shattered windows or find themselves to be victims of a break-in. Whether a strong FL storm hits while you’re away or someone tries to take advantage of your absence, one of the first things affected is your windows.

Contact Local Window Companies Today for a Check Up and Free Estimate

American Window Products proudly serves homeowners like you all around Jacksonville. We’ve been around for over three decades and have seen just about everything. If you have even the slightest concern that your windows may not be secure, give us a call.


We’ll come out to evaluate the state of your windows so you can travel with peace of mind. We would never recommend service you don’t need and we’ll always treat you like family. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of your neighbors have to say.


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