One of the most important investments in any Jacksonville home is the windows you install. You can opt for lower-end paint and average flooring, but there’s just no room to cut corners when it comes to home windows.


The good news is that you have options. No matter your budget, there’s a high-end window option that’ll keep your family safe for years to come. The American Window Products team has guided Jacksonville families through the tough decision process for decades. We’re here to help make your choice between impact windows and standard windows as simple as possible.

4 Factors to Look for When Buying New Windows

Lots of homeowners around northeast Florida have started to replace their outdated windows with ones built to withstand harsh weather. From the type of glass to the level of maintenance, here are the main factors to understand before you make the big purchase: 

Factor #1 The Level of Security You Receive

Protection from hurricanes and tropical storms may be the first intention of impact windows, but security from break-ins is a close second. Standard windows with thin frames and single panes of glass simply don’t protect against outside forces.


Impact resistant windows include a PVB layer between the individual panes of glass. This protective barrier makes it difficult for anyone to break in without powerful equipment. The bottom line? Standard windows just won’t get the job done if someone tries to forcefully enter.

Factor #2 Cost Contributes to the Quality You Receive

No surprise here! While top-quality windows often have a price tag to match, you can certainly find mid-range options that meet your requirements. Most homeowners that live anywhere near the water opt for impact-grade windows, but it’s important to understand the price difference.


High-end standard vinyl windows still provide levels of efficiency, appeal and durability to satisfy even the most discerning buyer. If you opt to spend some extra cash on top of the line impact windows, expect to spend two times more than standard windows. That extra cost comes with added benefits. You won’t find a standard window with the level of storm protection and noise reduction offered by impact windows.

Factor #3 The Look Matters for Many Homeowners

No one buys a window they hate, no matter how little they care about curb appeal. Whatever category you’re in, most modern window options offer a pleasing aesthetic. Both impact and standard windows come in every design from single hung to casement. A couple of categories that impact appearance:


– Glass Tint: Window panes can come in shades of silver, metallic and blue. If you live close to the ocean, a great tinted window choice is turtle glass. It’s fun, functional and sometimes mandated by the government.

– Frame Color: Typical choices include white, bronze, gray and black. Impact and standard windows alike come in frames of all shades.

– Material: Standard windows can be constructed with wood, composite, aluminum or vinyl. Impact-resistant windows can also come in different materials but must use heavy-duty frames. Vinyl and extruded aluminum are common options for impact windows.

Factor #4 Spend More Up Front to Save Lots in the Long Run

The energy efficiency benefits of impact windows with Low-E Glass or an ENERGY STAR label can trim your electric bill exponentially. Even better? The energy efficient Low-E Glass coating is free with the purchase of certain windows at American Window Products.


Choosing to invest in high-quality, multi-paned windows is a great way to keep your utility bills low. When the cool air inside your home stops seeping outside (and vice-versa), the amount you have to pay to keep your home comfortable begins to lower.

The Investment You Make Will Make a Difference for Years to Come

The decision to splurge on impact-resistant windows or high-quality standard windows can be tough, but it’s certainly worth it down the road. While the up-front cost may be a bit more, the amount you’ll spend on repairs and energy bills for cheap windows will add up.


Need help making the right decision for your new home windows? The American Window Products team is here to help. Get your free estimate and expert advice on your investment today.