hurricane shuttersJacksonville is paradise 99% of the time, but that 1% is full of hellacious storms and possible hurricanes. During the summer and fall months, your home is vulnerable to destruction from winds, debris and rain. A good portion of our business comes from repairing windows post-storm, but wouldn’t it be wiser to take the precautions so you don’t have to get repairs? Brilliant idea, we know. Storm aftermath is horrible, and shattered windows are a nightmare. Protect your home and protect your family, you’ll thank us later.
The precautions are simple, and destruction clean up is not. When a storm’s a brewin’, there are a few actions to take in hopes of avoiding repairs. Your safety is our priority, so we’ve outlined the best ways to protect yourself from damage and destruction.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are your best bet during harsh weather, hands down. American Window Products recommends this precaution to every customer for a reason, and that reason is they’re extremely effective. When the weather is beautiful like usual, the shutters are purely decoration or even hidden. But when the wind and rain starts to hit, these babies kick it into overdrive! There are many different styles to choose from, so your home won’t have to sacrifice charm and appearance for safety.
Storm shutters manually or electronically close when there’s a storm on the radar, fully protecting every part of the window. These simple storm fortresses are a great way to protect your family, home and avoid the costs of window repair.

Boarding Up the Windows

If storm shutters don’t fit into your budget, a few pieces of plywood are a less-effective, but still useful, precaution to take. In the event you don’t have metal shutters, a quick trip to the hardware store will get the job done. Purchase plywood that’s at least 5/8″ thick and nail the boards over the glass window panes. Install the boards with bolts and masonry anchors, to prevent damage to your house when you remove the plywood or if the harsh storm rips them off. Boarded windows won’t make your house pretty, but they’ll prevent any branches, debris or hail from shattering the glass.
The proper protection for a storm shouldn’t be taken lightly, and shielding windows is your first step. Whichever precautionary route you choose, you’ll be doing your part to avoid post-storm window repairs. If storm shutters are your choice (smart, we like you) then give American Window Products a call for installation before the first storm of the season hits. If your windows still experience damage from harsh weather, we’re here for you. Reach out to us and we’ll make your window repairs a priority.