Hurricane ShuttersIt’s the season of storms, and the hurricanes and tropical storms are hitting harder than ever. When you live in temperamental climate like that of Jacksonville, you’re likely concerned about how to protect your storm when a big storm hits. Most people are pretty clueless, but we’re here to change that.

Weather experts, like AccuWeather, predict the frequency and strength of each storm. Although they don’t predict more storms for this hurricane season, the velocity of these storms is something that should concern Floridians. One of the dangers of strong storms is window damage, and it’s anything but minor. Broken windows can allow wind and rain to come right into your home, increase the pressure put on your roof and allow debris to cause more damage. Lucky for you, there are ways to prevent this tragedy and avoid expensive window repair.

Forget the Masking Tape

One of the oldest tricks in the book to protect windows during a hurricane is to cover the glass with masking tape. The frustrating reality is, this doesn’t do a thing to protect them. The masking tape is basically for appearances only, and does nothing to avoid window damage and the inevitable window repair. Throw the masking tape idea right out the window.

Lock Everything Up

One of the first things to do is make sure every window is locked. Check each window before a storm to make sure the locking mechanisms are solid so the windows don’t fly open under pressure. If you have deadbolts, put ‘em to use. Sometimes, people neglect to lock windows that aren’t facing a body of water because they think the pressure is much lower. In reality, the pressure on these windows is much higher when they’re open. The bottom line is, close and lock every single window.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are your best friend when it comes to protection from a storm. We’ve seen hurricane shutters do a great job of preventing expensive window repair during even the harshest storms. They do an excellent job of protecting the window glass and frames from harsh weather. Bonus: They can provide a nice curb appeal, too!

Board Up the Windows

If the storms coming quickly and you just don’t have the time to install hurricane shutters, boarding up the windows is your best bet. Nailing pieces of plywood over your windows is an effective, yet temporary, alternative. This method works like hurricane shutters do, but just requires more work for you before and after the storm.

When it comes to preparing your home windows for an impending hurricane or tropical storm, the absolute best thing you could do is install hurricane shutters. Although, boarding up the windows and locking them will work wonders in preventing damage. The hurricane shutters sold and installed by American Window Products are your best bet to ensure your home gets the protection it so desperately needs during a strong storm.