bigstock-Large-Luxury-Blue-Craftsman-Cl-138531653.jpgThe path leading to the entryway sets the tone for your home and is ultimately the first (and most important) impression of your house. It’s important to properly maintain your front walkway, and it’s a lot easier (and cheaper!) than it seems. American Window Products might not be in the landscaping business, but we know a thing or two about what looks good with our doors and windows.

Professional landscapers are always the preferred choice for sprucing up your front yard, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow. No need to worry! We’ve outlined some simple ways to make your front walkway more uniform. It’s a big DIY task to take on, but it’s definitely worth it.

Make the Walkway Curved

When people design their front walkway, they often forget to think outside the box. One of the easiest and most creative ways to give the front of your home some personality is with a curved walkway. This type of entrance will make your home seem more inviting and can make any front yard look expertly designed.

Edging is Necessary

It’s important to have tight, clean edges lining your walkway. Whether that be with mulch or shrubbery, an overgrown or messy lining is never appealing to visitors. It’s pretty easy to use an edger to clean up the weeds or plants. You don’t even have to hire someone for this!

Balance of Plants

If you’re landscaping your yard all on your own, make sure you do some research to find out which plants can successfully grow in our environment. Northeast Florida can be a little tricky when it comes to growing plants and flowers, so this is where an expert’s advice is most useful. Whichever plants you end up choosing, make sure they’re in theme with the rest of your home. Landscaping is supposed to complement your home, not distract from it.

Weed Regularly

If you live in a house, routine weeding is a must. The more time you spend pulling the unwanted, pesky weeds, the cleaner your front walkway will look. Weeds grow sporadically, so walking through your yard once a week is typically sufficient enough to maintain your yard’s appearance.

Choosing Perennial Plants

The types of greenery you choose to plant will greatly affect how much maintenance and upkeep you’ll have to do. Perennials grow back year after year and are relatively easy to maintain. They’re your best bet for a low maintenance yard.

Landscaping your front walkway requires patience, time and commitment. This is certainly a project most homeowners can handle on their own, and the work you put in will pay off in the end. When you invest in a new front door installation, you want the walkway leading up to it to be pristine and inviting.