Hurricane Shutters on a beach homeYour home windows are one of the most vulnerable aspects of your house. Late summer and often bring a slew of strong storms and bad weather, with the most recent being Hurricane Matthew. If you don’t prepare your windows for debris, rain and wind, it’s very possible that you’ll have an insurance claim on your hands. As a homeowner, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid damaged windows, even in a tropical storm or hurricane.

Step 1: Close and Lock the Windows

The first and most important thing to do before a storm might sound super easy, but is often forgotten. Double and triple check all of your windows to make sure they’re properly secured. Such a simple step provides incredible protection. When windows are left open, strong wind will put intense pressure on the glass while exposing the interior of your home. Storm damage to the outside of your home is upsetting, but it pales in comparison to what can happen to the inside.

Step 2: Hurricane Shutters are Your Friend

American Window Products wants to do our part to help you avoid any storm damage, which is why we constantly say how important hurricane shutters are to Jacksonville residents. There are many different types of shutters on the market, but the best kinds provide a protective barrier to block wind and debris.

Another great thing about hurricane shutters is that many insurance carriers will give you a discount for having them. Check with your insurance provider to see if you qualify for a deduction on your premium.

Step 3: Quality Glass is Key

There are windows made of high-impact, double paned glass built to withstand the intense winds of a tropical storm or hurricane. A single pane of glass doesn’t stand a chance against a strong storm. They’re much more likely to break with impact, leaving you with a potentially expensive emergency window repair.

It’s absolutely vital in the Sunshine State that the windows you purchase have high-impact glass. Our coast is regularly exposed to tropical storm and hurricane conditions, so durable windows are a must. Quality high-impact glass will do a great job of withstanding strong wind, rain and debris.

Harsh storms pose plenty of risks to the windows in your home, and weak windows will easily shatter under pressure. If you put in the time and energy to prepare your home for a tropical storm or hurricane, you’ll reap the benefits of a secure, unscathed home. The awesome team at American Window Products can help you prepare your home for treacherous weather and make sure your windows are up to the task of protecting the interior of your house.