Clear Windows
You’ve worked hard to invest in a vacation home, and the last thing you want is a high-maintenance house that constantly needs repair. Quality windows are a must, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions, like Jacksonville. 
The windows you install in your vacation home will differ from the windows in your primary residence, and it’s important to know the difference. 

Easy Maintenance

When you live in a home year-round, regular maintenance is an expected necessity. Cleaning, painting and small repairs to the house don’t even get a second thought. When you head to the vacation home for a relaxing weekend, do you really want to spend half your time at a home repair store? Choosing low-maintenance windows for your second home will be the difference between time on beach and time with the toolbox. 
American Window Products offers certain choices that’ll lead to a budget-friendly and low-maintenance vacation home. Vinyl framing will survive any storm or salty air. The pain won’t chip and little to no maintenance is required. Vinyl framed windows are designed to be stress-free and always look clean!

Quality Views

You probably haven’t realized this, but the windows in your vacation home are the most important component of the entire structure! Dirty and outdated windows take away from the million dollar view you’ve worked so hard for. Nothing should obscure the view of a gorgeous body of water or miles of mountains! 
American Window Products will make your windows deserving of the people who get to look through them.


Sure, your windows have a warranty. But what does that warranty REALLY cover? American Window Products provides transparent warranties designed for the customer. A warranty assures that your windows will always be taken care of and can cover a vast amount of maintenance and repairs. The better your warranty, the more enjoyable your home!
American Window Products understands that priorities at your vacation home are very different from those at your main home. We know the best windows to make your vacations carefree and enjoyable. Let us install windows that’ll accentuate the views of your beautiful paradise.