bigstock-A-perfect-neighborhood-Houses-107635610.jpgCurb appeal might not be as important as security, but it still matters. Whether you’re preparing your home before you put it on the market or you simply want your house to look better to passersby, dressing up your entryway in a tasteful, unique was is the key to boosting the appearance of your home. First impressions are a big deal for most people, and making your home seem inviting and comforting is an easy way to make a good one.

From potted plants to the actual color of your front door, there are a million different ways to improve your entryway. American Window Products would love to partner with you to improve the appearance and durability of your front door and any surrounding windows. But we aren’t just useful for door and window replacements, we have a few design and decor ideas, too!

Focus on the Front Door

Is your door beginning to look a bit outdated? If the paint is started to chimp or the material is warping or cracking, it might be time to look into replacing your front door. When the door ages, the quality of the material degrades as well. Not only will the appearance fade, but its ability to keep your family safe will decrease, too. If a door replacement is in your cards, it’s the best place to start when improving the appearance of your entryway.

The front door is the first thing people focus on when they’re walking up to your house. Whether it’s chipped or in perfect condition, your guests’ eyes will naturally gravitate to the entryway.

Dressing Up Around the Door

Replacing your front door can get a little pricey, but decorating around it doesn’t have to be. Repaving your walkway, adding flowers or hanging a flag can get the job done when the budget doesn’t allow for a full replacement.

Bland entryways are so common and incredibly boring. Make it your goal to stand out from your neighbors. But, it’s important your new decor and/or front door is in theme with the rest of your home. Homes today range from extremely contemporary to rustic and country. Use your best judgment to bring your theme full-circle.

However you choose to improve the appearance of your entryway, American Window Products is here to help you get the job done! We can take care of any door and window repairs/replacements that you might need, and we’re always available to provide a little design inspiration when needed.