Outdoor deckJust about every homeowner looks for ways to maximize space within their home. We all dream about doing major additions and renovations, but we often forget about a fully-functional room we already have. Your patio or deck is a hidden gem that’s not just for warm summer days. Experts with a vision, like the great people at American Window Products, will work with you to create a glass enclosure that’ll allow the area to be functional for every season.

The problem with a standard deck or patio is that it takes up lots of space but is only functional for a couple months each year. Whenever it’s raining, cold, too humid or buggy, the outdoor space gets little to no use. The simple addition of a glass enclosure will eliminate all of these problems and allow you to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Staying Warm When the Chill Comes

Even in a hot climate like Jacksonville, FL, it still tends to get chilly, especially in November, December and January. If you have a patio or deck off your home, chances are, it won’t see any action until around March. A glass enclosure will change that. A glass enclosure keeps the space warm while you sit and enjoy the views of Mother Nature. Imagine sitting on your glass-enclosed patio with the trees swaying around you and football on TV. You can’t beat it.

Keep the Bugs Away

Bugs and unwanted critters are just another reason to put a glass enclosure around your patio or deck. Jacksonville is home to some pretty creepy insects and amphibians that definitely don’t belong in your living space. It’s so hard to enjoy a nice evening outside when you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitos! When you pair a glass enclosure with screens, you can keep the bugs out and enjoy the relaxation and itch-free skin.

Forget the Rain

Ah, rain. Most of us who relocate to Florida don’t expect daily showers in the Sunshine State, and we definitely don’t want to sit outside when it’s pouring! But it’s not only the rain that makes sitting outside uncomfortable. The lingering humidity and stickiness is maybe even worse. But with a glass enclose, ugly weather isn’t a worry! Sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the storm, while staying dry and enjoying the inside AC.

The experts at American Window Products can make the glass enclosure you envision for your outdoor area. The additional square footage is a huge plus, especially when it comes to resale value. We’ll work with you to design a glass enclosure that meets your needs, stays within budget and lets you enjoy your surroundings year-round.