bigstock-Humidity-At-A-Window-107195714.jpgOne of the most common nuisances homeowners often have to deal with in their home is condensation build up in their windows. It’s not only troublesome, it’s just plain annoying. The unwanted condensation can drag your curb appeal down and even do damage to your health and home. If you have windows that seem to have condensation in and around them, you should make it a priority to resolve the issue.

The Danger of Condensation

The risks associated with moisture making its way into your windows and home are clear. This unwanted condensation can quickly rot the wood and plaster around it. The condensation can spread quickly, so the wood and plaster surrounding the area aren’t the only vulnerable parts of your home. Moisture quickly leads to mold growth, bacteria build-up and decreased air quality.

Check the State of the Windows

First things first, check the condition of your windows. How are they constructed and how old are they? Take a good, hard look at the frames and panes, looking for any possible damage. Unfortunately, windows are often vulnerable to leaks. Our knowledgeable team at American Window Products can quickly assess the state of your windows and give you trustworthy, accurate advice for resolving the condensation issue. Trust us, it’s well worth it to have an expert assess your windows!

Weather Stripping

If your windows appear to have no damages that would make them vulnerable to condensation, American Window Products can take the next step of adding weather stripping to your windows. These strips will keep the air inside your home and reduce drafts. When you limit the interaction between the comfortable interior of our home to the outside environment, you’ll be taking the right steps to preventing condensation build-up in the future.

Replacing the Windows

The final option, and often the last resort, is to replace your windows completely. Although, a full replacement might not be necessary. An American Window Products expert can examine your windows and decide if a simple pane replacement will suffice. In the end, a window replacement is likely the best way to fully eliminate and prevent condensation, taking away your worry of frame, wood and plaster damage.

Our expert team at American Window Products has plenty of experience dealing with moisture in and around windows. We know how serious the damage can be if the situation isn’t resolved quickly and correctly. Give us a call as soon as you suspect any condensation and we’ll treat your situation like the emergency that it is.