Vinyl WindowsOne thing that is often difficult for any homeowner is trying to figure out when the time is right to pull the trigger on a home improvement project to replace one of the home’s main components. Every home has a few main components when you think about it. The siding is a very important aspect of any home, as is the foundation, the roof, exterior doors, as well as the windows. How do you know when you should be replacing something such as the windows of your home though? Windows Jacksonville that are getting up there in age should be replaced before it is too late. The longer that you wait with replacing your old windows, the more that you are going to be putting a strain on your home in terms of lacking energy efficiency, poor security, among other things.  

There are plenty of things that you should be looking out for when trying to figure out if the time is right to have those old windows replaced. When the time is right, new vinyl windows Jacksonville are the way to go. We at American Window Products can work with you to be sure that you end up with the windows of your dreams. New windows can provide you with energy efficiency gains and are one of the most value-add additions you can make to a home, driving up the home’s value a good chunk. The important thing is to determine when the time is right to replace those old windows for new ones.

Is the Glass Single Pane

Check the windows in your home that you currently have. How many panes of glass actually make up the windows? If the answer is just one pane of glass, that is a big sign that you should be thinking about replacing those old windows Jacksonville for new vinyl windows. A single pane of glass is extremely inefficient from an energy standpoint. These single pane windows are also very prone to freezing open or shut and could feel very hot or cold to the touch. Double pane glass was introduced decades ago, but many homes still have these ancient single pane glass windows that are lacking in so many areas.

Does Your House Get Noisy?

How much noise is coming through from the street outside? Do you hear every single plane that is flying over your house? These are things you want to pay attention to. New windows Jacksonville that are made of vinyl and have double pane or even triple pane glass are going to do a great job of reducing the amount of noise that you end up with in your home. When you have old windows, what you may find is that you have a lot of exterior noise coming through. This can really disrupt the peacefulness that your home has and take away from its comfort.

Fading of the Furniture or Rugs

Check your furniture or your rugs the next time you go through a few hot days. Are you starting to notice that there is fading in the fabric of these assets? This is because the UV rays of the sun are coming right through your old windows and there is no protection between that rug or that couch and the rays of the sun. Older windows are severely lacking in the UV ray protection department. This leaves the assets in your home, even your family, wide open to being hit with harmful UV rays of the sun at all hours of the day. New windows can do a much better job at protecting your assets from the sun, blocking up to 95% of the UV rays that can cause this type of damage.

Window replacement is extremely important for every single homeowner to pay attention to. In the event that you have windows in your home that are 15 years older or more, chances are you could really benefit from replacing those windows Jacksonville with new vinyl windows. Even if your windows are newer, you still may want to look into the advancements that have been made in recent years with the way windows are being manufactured. We at American Window Products can help you do a full assessment of the windows that you currently have to talk you through the benefits and gains you’ll experience from replacing them with vinyl windows.