beach houseIf your home is on the beach, views from inside must be crystal clear. The windows will make or break that coveted view from your living room, and an investment in good windows is worth it! 
When you’re ready to replace or install windows in your beach house, here are a few areas you should focus on:

Are the Windows Under Warranty?

A warranty is especially important for homes near the beach. Broken window seals can result in fog build-up and an obstructed view. Questions to ask when purchasing a warranty:
1. Do the windows I’m purchasing include a warranty? If not, what are my price options?
2. How long is the warranty?
3. Does the warranty cover the glass AND non-glass parts of the windows?
We want you to love your purchase and enjoy the benefits of maintained windows. Ask us about warranty options and we will work together to find the best option to preserve your beautiful views. 

Energy Ratings

Energy ratings should play a key role when selecting windows for a beachside home. A Low-E invisible coating on your windows will block heat flow into the house. Your home will experience plenty of sun, wind and weathering, making this energy efficient option even more important. 
Energy ratings refer to how well the windows perform. The higher the rating, the better the windows are at protecting and insulating. 

A View of the Ocean

You bought a beach house for the views, it’d be foolish not to take advantage of them! Proper window size and placement are crucial. The vast Atlantic Ocean should be visible from wherever you desire! 
Consult the experts at American Window Products to find out how to get the full beach house experience. Your home deserves quality windows and you deserve the benefits of efficiency, maintenance and clarity.