Door HandleExterior design options are plentiful if you are a homeowner looking to replace your entry door. Choosing what type of exterior door will fit best for your home will require you to take a few things into account. The biggest thing to take into account, though, is the way in which it meshes with the rest of your home. Putting a highly contemporary door on an old-fashioned rustic home isn’t going to make for a good match. Instead, choosing a door that goes with the overall structure and appearance of your home will make for a better fit. Let’s look at some options that are out there for homeowners.

Traditional Wood Raised Panel Door

The most common type of door out there that fits most homes is that of the wood raised panel. This door has the classic six-panel look. You have the two bigger rectangular panels on the bottom and middle of the door, with the smaller panels at the top. One great thing about this type of traditional door is that it allows homeowners to get creative in what they do with it. You can paint these types of doors easily and give them a unique flair that will spruce up your entryway quite a bit.

Contemporary Double Door

The more contemporary approach that some homeowners will go for is the double door look. Contemporary double doors often are best suited for larger entryways. They can also come in many different design options that are going to tie in sidelights to help let the light in from outside, while still providing privacy from the interior of the home. There are nice varieties in these doors with different geometric designs that will go well with the modern residence.

Contemporary Steel Door

One of the newer types of doors popping up is that of the contemporary steel door. It has a brushed steel appearance that goes well with the home that is all about being modern. This is one of the more simple looks for a front door, but varieties are limited compared to other options in what you can do with it.

Fiberglass Doors

The last option we are going to talk about is the fiberglass door. Much like the traditional door, these can be spruced up in different varieties that include sidelights and such. These doors look just like wood, but they are not food. The benefit to fiberglass is that it is far more durable when compared to wood and will last much longer. There is also a lot of added insulation with fiberglass over the other types.

Door options are not in short supply if you are a homeowner. The best thing to do is to understand all of the types of doors that are out there and see what will go best with your home. You may have a picture in your head of what your front door should look like. Take this image and see if any of these types match up what you are dreaming of. With so many options, chances are you will find what you are looking for.