An enclosed porch or patio has the power to transform your home. If you have a sunroom, you know that it is an excellent gathering place for al fresco dining and family game nights or even solitary activities such as lazing around with a book while the sun sinks low on the horizon and a gentle breeze rustles the pages. So how can you add even more charm and beauty to this much-loved space? There are endless possibilities. Read on for some fresh ideas!


What is it about swings that bring us so much joy? Kids love them, but so do adults, perhaps because they harken back to our carefree playground days. A swing or hammock is a lovely way to add some fun and movement to your porch or patio, whether it is hanging or seated on a frame. The best thing about swings and hammocks is that they are available in every imaginable style, from traditional to contemporary. Here are some excellent options: 

·       Rattan hanging chairs

·       Hammocks in traditional rope or boho fabrics

·       Luxurious hanging day beds or loungers 

·       Sleek, modern, metal-framed standing swing chairs 


Lighting is necessary to illuminate your patio for after-dark gatherings, whether you seek a soft glow or a brighter appearance. The ubiquitous outdoor string lights, either clear or colored, are still a wonderful choice. But you can think beyond those, too! Here are some fresh ideas:

·       Arts and crafts chandelier

·       LED table lights

·       Electric hurricanes placed strategically throughout the space

·       Hanging bronze pendants

·       Cream ceramic lanterns placed in corners on the floor

·       Recessed lighting controlled by a dimmer switch

·       Rustic straw pendants

·       Boho paper lanterns

Window coverings

Enclosed porches and patios are a bit tricky when it comes to window coverings. You want to preserve the brightness and the view of the outdoors while not subjecting you and guests to a glare. In addition, you’ll need to ensure your furniture isn’t vulnerable to fading from UV rays, so consider shades, blinds, or curtains that are specially created to reduce heat and glare. Here are some possibilities:

·       When using curtains, create the appearance of a room that is made of nothing but windows by using one large curtain rod installed near the ceiling to extend the height of the space.

·       For fabric curtains, think beyond solids and consider leafy or floral prints for a botanical theme.

·       Bamboo shades add a natural look suitable for an indoor/outdoor space and allow natural light to permeate.

·       Linen Roman shades add a neutral yet airy feeling.

·       If your space is particularly hot and bright, consider heavier curtains that you can open during the portions of the day when the sun is weaker.

Water features

Water features aren’t just for outdoor gardens. The gentle sounds of a fountain or waterfall foster relaxation and peace. In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, water fountains are meant to bring beneficial energy into spaces. Here are some novel water selections to add interest to your enclosed patio:

·       A lit stone fountain adds luminescence as well as fluidity

·       A sculptural, contemporary metal-tired fountain cascading fountain

·       An organically shaped design, such as a tree trunk, in metal or stone

·       A spherical stone design is a calming and modern look

Ready to create your dream patio?

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