Summer heat is something that could easily have a negative impact on your windows. This is because any drastic change in the weather is going to affect your window in certain ways.

You should try to counteract this when the summer heat wave is fast approaching. This can help your windows to hold up better and experience less damage from the summer heat.

Though windows are built to last, that doesn’t mean they are invincible. After all, they are outside and exposed to the elements year-round.

Keep reading to find out how the heat of summer can affect your windows and what you can do about it.

Understanding How Summer Heat Affects Your Windows

The summer heat can be pretty intense and can take a toll on your windows. This is because your windows are completely exposed to this heat, making them more likely to be damaged in some way.

This is especially common for older windows that have endured summer after summer. This is why windows have a lifespan and need to be eventually replaced after they have outlived their usefulness.

It is a good idea to understand how the heat affects your windows and what you should expect. This way, you can watch for these signs to see how your windows are holding up this summer.


Sweating can become an issue for your windows, especially in the earlier parts of the summer. This is because the beginning of summer is when you have hot days and cooler nights.

This change in temperature can create fogging and condensation, leading to sweating. This can happen inside and outside the windows, potentially causing damage to the framing and seals.


During hot weather, windows and window frames will start to expand, this is very common even indoors. This expansion is normal and isn’t a huge issue, but it can become a problem over time.

Windows have expanded over the years and can start not to be the right size or shape for your home. This can cause gaps, cracks, and poor seals, making your windows unsightly.

This also makes them drastically less energy-efficient for your home.


This goes hand in hand with your windows expanding as they will then shrink once the summer heat is over. Cold weather causes shrinking already, but it is much worse if the window has already expanded.

Over time, this could cause serious structural issues for your windows and result in them needing to be replaced. This is especially common in wood-framed windows as wood expands and shrinks more than other materials.

Modern window materials are being made to withstand heat and cold more effectively so they don’t shrink and expand as badly. This is why replacing outdated windows is such a good idea.

What You Can Do to Counteract Heat on Your Windows

Now that you know how heat can affect your windows, it is a good idea to know how you can try to protect your windows. Though there isn’t too much that you can do to make a big impact, there are some options.

These options can help you better protect your window during summer and reduce the damage that heat causes. These are also great options for reducing the heat that comes into your home during summer.

Part of the downside to the heat of summer is that it can often seep into your home through your windows.

Create Shade

One of the best ways that you can protect your windows from the summer heat is to create exterior shade. Some houses already have this, but it is common for many windows to be exposed to direct sunlight.

You can achieve exterior shade by having trees or tall bushes nearby your windows that are exposed to the sun. This will create shade so that your windows have some form of protection.

You could also hire someone to build a type of awning over your window to cast them into some shade. This can be done in a way that matches the style of the house while still being functional.

Much of the heat affecting your windows come from direct sunlight, so limiting that can hugely impact your window this summer.

Window Film

There are all kinds of heat-reducing window films on the market that you can now buy. These films can be applied to your windows yourself to act as a layer of protection.

This won’t work on the outside of the windows, but it will help with the inside. This will limit the sunlight from penetrating the window and entering your home to warm it up.

You can buy all kinds of window films in different designs or clear so that you can still see outside. They could be used year-round to insulate your home or just during the hotter months.

Get Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is a glass that has a coating to help block out harmful UV rays. It also insulates your home and keeps the sun from heating up the window and your home.

This won’t solve the problem entirely, but it can help. Low-E glass provides an extra layer of protection and can reduce the heat damage your window is exposed to.

Protect Your Home from the Heat with AWP!

The summer heat can not only be uncomfortable; it can even start to take a toll on your windows. This won’t happen in just one summer; it will occur over the course of several summers.

Though windows are made to bear extreme temperatures, they will be impacted by heat and cold. Eventually, this will wear on the windows and can cause damage or result in them needing to be replaced entirely.

That is why it is important to understand how the heat affects your windows and what you can do about it. American Window Products has all kinds of resources to help you with anything your windows may need.