Busy StreetNot all of us are fortunate enough to live on a nice and quiet dead-end street.  There are many of us who have to live on a main street or at the very least a street that is busy enough where there is a steady stream of cars going by during the day.  When you live on a street such as this you want to try and do what you can to ensure that your home remains as peaceful and comfortable as possible.  The cars that are going by your home can be quite noisy.  This does not mean, though, that you have to suffer from all of this noise that is being kicked up by the automobiles.  New windows can go a long way to really assisting with the noise level of the interior of your home.

So how exactly do new windows help homeowners with noise level on a busy street?  There are a number of things at play here.  This starts with the make-up of the windows in terms of the quality of the glass that is used.  The double-pane set-up also makes a huge difference, as does the way in which new window frames are constructed.  When you have two homes, both on a busy street, it does not take long to figure out which one has the new windows and which one has the old ones.  You can tell pretty quickly based on the amount of noise that you can hear from the street while inside of the home.

Quality of the Glass

There has been a lot of advancement over the years in terms of the quality of the glass that is used in home windows.  Many years ago home windows were made of pretty thin glass.  The glass was there to act as a window, but it did not do so very effectively.  The thinness of the glass would make it quite easy for noise to pass right through.  Things have changed and now glass is being constructed not only more thickly, but also with more density.  This means the glass, even if it appears thin, is going to be able to do that much better in terms of preventing any noise from being able to make its way through. 

Double-Pane Protection 

The bigger the barrier that you have between the inside of your home and that busy street, the less noise that is going to make its way through.  Think about the protection that old windows provide you versus new ones.  Older windows are going to have just a single pane of glass in terms of their overall make-up.  This means that if the noise from the street can make it through that pane of glass it is going to make it inside your home.  New double-pane glass windows change all of this.

Double-pane glass provides double the level of protection from the outside noise.  WIth newer windows you have two panes of glass.  The first pane of glass is going to act as the initial layer of defense from the noise.  When the noise hits that pane of glass, it is going to diminish a bit.  The noise may make it through a tad, but it then has to hit the second pane of glass that exists.  When it hits this pane of glass it is going to be further minimized to the point where you are likely not even going to hear it, if it manages to make it through the second layer.

Window Frames and the Quality of Them

Window frames also have to be factored into your home’s and your window’s ability to prevent outside noise from making its way through.  When you have older window frames, they are likely going to be made of wood and could crack and break down over time.  This can allow noise to make its way through them with ease.  New windows are not going to have this problem as the frames are going to be more dense and made of vinyl.  This means the frames will not have that wear and tear as time goes by and will continue to fight off the outside noise no matter their age. 

Just because you live on a busy street does not mean that you have to listen to the noise from the cars going by.  With new windows you can do a lot to help maintain a level of peacefulness inside of your home.  With the double-pane glass, quality framing, as well as glass, they will go a long way to assisting you in your fight against street noise.