New Windows Can Reduce SoundThe goal for any home is for it to be as much of a safe haven as possible.  We want our homes to be a place of comfort and a place of serenity.  When we walk into the door of our house we want to feel as though we truly are at home.  One thing that can detract from this sense of relaxation and peace is living in a home that is located on a busy street.  There are many of us who are not fortunate enough to live on quiet dead-end streets.  When you have a home that has some traffic going by it, making sure the home is as quiet as possible is something you want to pay attention to.  New home windows can go a long way to helping your home achieve this level of silent serenity.

The noise level of your home truly does have a lot to do with the windows that you have built into it.  Think about the way in which your home is constructed and how thick your windows are compared to everything else.  Your walls are pretty solid.  The front door is usually solid as well, as is your roof.  Windows are just glass that separate you from the outside world.  If you have a home that has old windows, what can happen is that noise can find its way through the glass and disrupt the peace of your home.  New home replacement windows help mitigate this problem.  Let’s take a closer look at how this is accomplished.

Improved Glass Over Older Windows

Step one with ensuring that your home is as quiet as possible is to be sure that the glass that is separating you from the outside is solid.  Older windows used to be constructed with a thin piece of glass.  This was pretty much all that the window itself was made up of.  If you are on a busy street that one thin piece of glass is going to do very little to help insulate you from the noises of the outside.  What you want is for the glass to be much thicker so that it can provide more insulation from the noises such as cars going by, dogs barking, and so on.

New home replacement windows are going to come with improved glass that is far more sound-proof, but they are going to do much more.  The reason is due to the fact that new windows are double-pane.  This means that there is not just one pane of glass separating you from the noise outside, but two.  The whole idea here is to allow the sound to dissipate to the point where by the time it gets to the second pane of glass there is pretty much nothing left.

Sound is very powerful.  It has the ability to go right through things and be heard with great clarity.  Double-pane is a way of essentially trapping the sound though so that if anything does make it through it is quite minimal.  Let’s take an example of a beeping horn that is blaring from a car on the street.  That horn sound is going to approach your home and be met by pane one of the window glass.  It will get diminished as it travels through and make it to pane two.  When you have two panes of glass, by the time it gets past the second one there is just not going to be much left.

Improved Insulation Thanks to the Window Frame

The frame of the windows is also going to play a factor in just how much noise you hear inside your home.  Older windows were made up of wood frames that will crack and wear down over time.  This is going to create gaps that are going to allow the sound to simply travel through.  Newer windows are almost always going to have frames that are made out of vinyl.  With vinyl windows, you have a solid defense against sound from the outside.

Living on a busy street can be a negative for your home, but it does not have to be.  As long as you have the proper windows and other insulation to keep the noise where it belongs, on the outside, your home can remain quite quiet and serene.  This is even during the most busy hours of the day on the street.  It is important not to de-value what new home windows can mean for the noise level of your Florida home.