Noise ManagementYour home is supposed to be a safe, quiet, and comfortable place. How many times, though, have you been disturbed by cars driving by outside? It could even just be people yelling, dogs barking, music playing from cars. All of this noise can inhibit on the quiet comfort level of your home. This is why so many homeowners inthe Jacksonville, FL area practice noise management. Sowhat isnoise management and how do new windows factor into it?

Noise management when it comes to a home is pretty simple. You want to keep the outside noises out so that the inside of your home is as quiet as possible. If you are watching television in your living room, you do not want to hear every single car that drives by, or what the neighbor is telling his wife in the driveway across the street. This is a common occurrence with older windows. New windows can go a long way to help with the overall noise management of a home.
How Does Noise Come Through Your Windows?

Noise can come through older windows in a variety of ways. The first way that the noise can find a way to come through is due to the minimal thickness of the current glass of your old windows. Many older windows are single-pane and the glass in that single pane is minimal at best in terms of how thick it is. This can allow noise to just pass through the window pretty willingly.

Outside of the glass itself, it is important to also look at other areas of the window, such as the casing. Cracks in the casing or the sealing around the window itself can also allow noise to just pass through. This is the safe as the window allowing a water leak through or something like that. The idea here is that a gap in the old windows leaves an opening to allow the noise from the outside world find a way to creep in.

Double-Pane Glass Means Less Noise Coming Through

New windows are going to be able to do wonders in the area of noise management. This is going to start withthe fact that new windows installed in a Jacksonville, FL home are going to be of the double-pane variety. When you have double-pane windows, you are basically setting up two barriers that the noise has to get through before it can ever make it to your ears. The noise may be able to get through pane one, but by the time it hits the second one it may fade away so you never hear it at all. New windows are also going to have glass that is of much higher quality than you had with your old windows. Coupling that with the fact that you will have two panes of this higher quality glass and you can see pretty quickly why you’ll be hearing a lot less noise from the outside coming in.

Improved Window Seal

We need not forget about the seal around the windows as well. The casing also comes into play here. When new windows are installed, your old windows are removed and the structure where the windows go is going to be repaired. When the new windows are then put into place, your contractor is going to spend a good amount of time making sure that everything around the window is sealed to the home’s structure. This means that there are no gaps, no cracks, and so on. Window casings are now usually vinyl as well. This means you have a lot less to worry about in terms of the wood cracking or breaking down over time to allow noise to creep in once again. When properly installed, new windows should be able to greatly reduce the amount of noise you’ll hear in your home.

Noise management is so important for homeowners and for good reason. You can’t relax and read a book when you have the outside world interrupting you. This is exactly why you can’t speak in a library. If you could, no one would ever get to enjoy a book the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Replacing the windows of your Jacksonville, FL home can assist in a variety of ways with noise management. This all leads to a home that is far quieter and more comfortable from a noise perspective and much more.