Whether you are a longtime homeowner or recently moved into a house you love immensely, obtrusive outside noise can make it challenging to feel comfortable or enjoy a moment of peace. One excellent way to dampen unwanted sounds invading your home is via sound blocking windows. You don’t have to commit to an expensive renovation of your home. It’s simple to switch up the framing or upgrade to windows with improved insulation and properties that block out ambient sounds. Discover more helpful window products and strategies to create a quieter, desirable abode.


Strategies To Dampen Unwanted Noise At Home

If you live near a busy highway, a commercial attraction, or have industrial sounds steps away from your backyard, you may want to dampen intrusive noise. When there is lots of noise coming from traffic outside your home, it can make it difficult to enjoy watching television, entertaining guests, or getting a good night’s sleep. 

Thankfully, a few different window options can help reduce how well you hear outside noise. It’s essential to use a variety of sound dampening windows and window treatments that can best insulate your home from a cacophony bombarding your ears.



Choose Vinyl Frames

Hands down, vinyl frames are an excellent choice for windows that have a  design that effectively absorbs and reduces unwanted sound. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. Typically, you will want vinyl frames with insulation to help muffle excess noise, support insulation properties, and keep out moisture and drafts.

You can opt for fiberglass or aluminum as an alternative to vinyl frames. However, fiberglass is considerably more expensive than vinyl. But it’s well worth the cost to have functional and stylish windows and frames that can dampen unwanted noise. It doesn’t pay to select the cheapest option available and get less than desirable results.



Opt For Windows With More Than A Single Pane

If you have single-hung windows, the best option is to switch to double-pane windows that are double-hung for added protection and insulative properties. Each additional layer of glass in the windowpane and the unique construction features will help stop sound in its tracks and absorb noise. Plus, double-pane windows are more energy efficient than single-pane windows and are available in a range of window styles.

Here’s another point to seek out for any sound blocking windows, ensure they have a double glaze, or look for windows with a triple pane glass. The more panes for your window, the higher the level of insulation and soundproofing.



Use Hurricane Storm Proof Windows

Protect your home against unwanted noise, deter break-ins, and prevent damage with storm-resistant or high-impact hurricane windows. Look for hurricane windows with a solid, tight fit with little to no gaps that don’t open. You want sound blocking windows with a double pane layer and a protective treatment to be shatter-resistant. Properly treated windows should withstand flying debris and high impact without quickly developing damage or losing performance.



Ensure A Good Fit With Casement Windows

Casement windows are a fantastic option for your home because if an expert correctly installs them, they should have a snug fit when securely closed, blocking out excess sounds from outside. When you need ventilation in your bathroom, living room, or bedroom, you can crank these windows open on a hinge to let in fresh air and light. However, look for standard or custom-sized windows with laminated coatings that fortify windows and add sound-dampening qualities.



Trust Fixed Windows

Change how your home is bombarded and interacts with ambient noise and switch to fixed skylights or other styles of windows. When you have sound dampening windows that never have to open, they have to have an airtight seal to keep out moisture, drafts, and the elements year-round. Opt for fixed-style windows with an impact-resistant design or a double or triple pane to reduce sound when possible.



Choose Barcelona Windows

The Barcelona window is one attractive window option for your home that does a decent job of deflecting unwanted outside noise. It doesn’t matter if you install a Barcelona window with a vinyl or aluminum frame. People love this option as one of the best windows for noise reduction because it uses high-performance glass. 

For additional insulation and noise dampening, this window uses three panes, and has a low-E coating. The Barcelona window is fully laminated. They are built to handle impact, have foam inside the frame, and are available in Energy Star-certified models.



Have Windows Professionally Installed

If you want to reduce sounds outside your home with windows, you should schedule an appointment with a professional window installer. Installing sound dampening windows is one project you don’t want to DIY. It’s critical to use a professional service because you need your new windows to have a good fit to keep out the elements and perform well. 

When the best windows for noise reduction are correctly installed, they should dampen unwanted noise and keep out cold drafts, moisture, and flying insects. You may want windows with vinyl frames that are insulated with foam and have a tight fit. Plus, the windows need to be outfitted with quality weather stripping. Other gaps and areas may require an additional caulk layer to ensure no cracks or crevices where air or noise can get through.

Window inserts may be another option that might interest you, no matter the style of window you have. Or you can choose a window with a high-impact glass pane and thermal or energy-efficient properties to create a more soundproof environment. The most important thing is to select high-quality windows with properties that help absorb and stop sound vibrations.


Enjoy A Quieter Home With Fashionable Windows

It’s possible to use windows to rescue your home from outstanding ambient noise that can enter it from the outside. Put an end to noisy neighbors or rumbling car traffic and enjoy a more peaceful home environment. When you need sound dampening windows, it’s ideal to choose insulating windows that improves energy efficiency, because it contains properties that block out sound. Or, you can have a professional install window inserts or use framing that dramatically reduces unwanted noise. Visit American Window Products for premium window products and build your dream home.