MoldThere are a lot of risks and issues that can arise when you have a home with old windows. Old windows can be prone to a lot of things including cracking, leaking, letting through excessive drafts, and so on. With all of these issues comes the chance that moisture is going to be able to seep through them. This increases the risk of mold development around the windows and inside your home a great deal. As a homeowner, mold is one of the worst things that you can have develop in your home. It can create a very unsafe home environment, one which canbe quite dangerous for you, your family, and even your pets. New windows can go a long way to helping prevent the growth of mold from the start.

So how is it that new windows help reduce the risk of mold development? When you think about mold, prevention is always better than detection. Once you detect that you have mold in your home, it is going to take a lot of resources and a rather large undertaking to try and get rid of it completely. Preventing mold growth and development is a far better strategy. New home windows are all about prevention of mold rather than detection. They aim to seal your home to the point where moisture is kept out, the key ingredients that can allow mold to form.

Common Places Where Mold Develops Around Windows

Where is it that mold can develop around your windows? The first place where it can grow pretty rapidly is that of the window sill. The window sill of a home is typically made out of wood. When you have a wooden window sill, that sill can get hit by water quite easily when it is allowed to seep through the window. As moisture hits the sill, it is going to seep into the window and the potential is there that it is going to allow for mold to grow. The more that the moisture can sink into the wood, the better the chance the mold develops. Glass panes, especially those of older windows, can also allow mold to develop right on them. When you have older single-pane glass that has not been dusted or has dirt built up on it there is the chance that the moisture can build up on the grime and mold can form.The frame of older wooden windows is also at risk for mold growth. Older windows are not going to have the same level of seal as newer double-pane windows will have. When you have air and moisture getting into the windows and around the frame, especially when they are made of older wood, the moisture is going to sink in at a much faster rate. What happens next is that you end up with an area of moisture that is going to be highly prone to mold growth.

Where New Windows Come Into Play With Mold Prevention

New windows can make a big difference when it comes to mold prevention. The reason is due to the make-up of the new windows, the way that they are designed. New vinyl windows for your Jacksonville, FL home are going to do wonders to ensure that there is no moisture in places where it should not be. New windows are going to have the proper seal and are going to have a double-pane construction. This means that there will be little to no drafts that get through the windows. The chance of any moisture seeping through from rainstorms and such will also be diminished. With the vinyl design of new Jacksonville, FL windows, there also is a reduced chance that water is going to get into the frame and thus end up on the window sill in any way.

When you have the chance to prevent the growth of mold in your home, you need to take the necessary steps to put that work into action. This is where new windows come into play. Having new windows installed in your Jacksonville, FL home can help ensure that there is no chance for any moisture to get through and thus no mold to ever be able to develop in the first place. Mold prevention can help keep your home safe and secure so that your property remains the comfortable haven that it is supposed to be.