bigstock-Open-window-allowing-fresh-spr-82473734Homeowners always want to know what improvements are going to have the biggest impact on the overall value of their home.  Home improvements vary considerably in terms of the return on investment that they are going to provide.  The goal is to get a return that is as close to one hundred percent as possible.  This means that every dollar you spend for the home improvement is going to be returned to you with a one-dollar increase in your home value.  So where do home windows fall in terms of how they impact home value?

There really is no home improvement out there where the return on investment is going to equal the amount of money that you put out.  This is just not a realistic thing to expect out of any home improvement project for your Jacksonville, FL home.  Think of it like buying a new car.  That new car is at a premium price due to the fact that it is brand new.  Once it drives off of the lot the value of the car is going to take a hit.  Home improvements are largely the same.  Once the improvement is done and it is no longer new, the value is going to take a bit of a hit. Let’s take a closer look at just how home windows translate to overall value and a return on investment.

Home Windows Improve The Perceived Value of Your Home

You want to your home to look as perfect as possible to the naked eye.  New windows, whether you go with the vinyl variety or wood variety, are going to improve upon that perceived value that your home has.  Curb appeal makes a big difference in terms of how valuable your home appears to be.  When someone pulls up to your house and sees brand new windows, they are going to perceive the value of the home to be higher than it really may be.  This perceived value translates to the interior of the home as well.

New double-pane vinyl or wood windows are going to have casings and finishing that will truly allow them to stand out.  New windows can turn an old home around to the point where it looks new and modern again in no time.  Perceived value can go a long way to making your home appears as desirable as possible.

Turning Perception into Reality With Home Value

Perception is reality when it comes to home windows and how they impact the value of your home.  As we said above, in the perfect world, a home improvement project is going to allow you a one-to-one return on investment.  This means getting back a dollar in home value for every dollar that you spend.  No home improvement project is ever going to get you these amazing results, but home windows are going to get you pretty darn close.

Research has been done over the years looking into just how much a home improvement impacts the actual value of your home.  This value is what someone in the market would pay for your home if they ever were to decide to buy it.  Think of the value in terms of the real estate market value of the home.  Studies done by both, as well as revealed very positive results for home windows.  What the research found was that the return on investment for home windows was somewhere in the 80% to 90% range.

So what does this translate to if you are thinking about getting new windows for your home?  What this means is that if the windows cost you $10,000, you can expect to get back roughly $8,500 of that when you go to sell your home.  The value is also seen in terms of the improved energy efficiency that new windows provide.

We all want to take on home improvement projects that are going to be worth our time.  This means ensuring that we get the return on investment that we are looking for from the improvement project.  New energy efficient windows for your Jacksonville, FL home are one of the best investments that you can make as a homeowner.  The return on investment that you receive from the windows is up there as one of the highest returns you will get from any home improvement project.  On top of that, your home will benefit from the energy efficiency improvements the windows bring to the table.