Resale ValueThe value of your home is very important for a variety of reasons. Home value is going to be the driving force behind value factors such as an appraisal should you ever try to refinance, it could be the driving force behind the ultimate sale price of a home, or just your home’s perceived worth in your eyes or the eyes of visitors. Every home improvement that you make is going to have some type of impact on the overall value and resale value of your home. Not every improvement is equal though in terms of what type of value it actually adds. New windows are one of the more popular home improvement options out there. Getting brand new windows installed in your Jacksonville, FL home provides you with a great many benefits. These include gaining energy efficiency, increasing the visual appeal of your home, as well as that value perspective that we are focusing on. Just how much do you recoup though in terms of increased resale value when you have your home windows replaced? Let’s take a closer look.

Analyzing the Cost of Windows

The cost of new windows in your Jacksonville, FL home is going to be largely dependent on a few factors. This
starts with the current state of your old windows. The major drivers behind the cost of windows starts with the removal of what you already have. There are then costs that go into making sure that the structure where the new window is going to sit is sound enough to handle the new window. Then comes the actual placement of the new window, and the sealing of that window in place to gain the energy efficiencies that we talked about. These are all costs that are going to add up as a contractor moves from one step to another in the process. The number of windows being replaced is also going to factor into the cost as well, though. It is obviously going to cost a lot more to replace a home that has twenty windows versus one that has six or seven. There is such a thing as a volume discount, though. The more windows you are getting replaced, the likely it is you’ll be able to have the job done at a cheaper rate per window. 

Looking at the Impact on Resale Value

Let us hypothetically take an example of a home that has 10 windows that are all 3-by-5 feet in height and length. These windows all need to be replaced and you have the intent of replacing them with mid-range vinyl windows. 

The costs that are going to go along with this include everything we talked about above. You’ll have to get the old windows taken out, get everything ready, and have the new windows installed. For the sake of this example, let us assume that the new window project is going to cost $10,000. did research on home improvements and the impact that it has on resale value. What they found was that new home windows give back to the resale value of your home as much if not more than just about any other home improvement you may have done. In terms of the resale value in this example, you can expect to get around $7,900 of that $10,000 back when you go to sell the home. When you couple this in with the energy efficiency savings you are going to get from the windows, the new vinyl windows virtually pay for themselvesover time. The expectation is that you will be able to recoup around 79% of the cost of new vinyl windows when you go to sell your home in the market.

It is good knowledge to understand how certain home improvements can have an impact on the value of your home. This can help you gauge the worthiness of additions that you want to make to see if they are worthwhile to you or not. Based on the research that has been conducted, though, it does seem like a real value proposition to have new home windows installed. Having them put in with confidence that you will end up getting a good chunk of your investment back in the long-run can really help you justify that initial price tag. You’ll have brand new appealing and energy efficient vinyl windows to go along with the resale benefit as well, making new windows one of the better home improvement options out there.