Extend Lifespan of ACThere are so many different assets that we have in our homes that we do our best to take care of.  Even outside of our home, this extends to things such as our automobiles, boats we may own, and so on.  What we want to do is to protect all of these assets as they are truly investments that we have made and we hope to get a full useful life out of.  We try as best that we can to extend the lifespan of these assets.  Some are easier to extend in terms of the useful life than others and there are some tricks that you may not even think of that can help certain assets in your home.  One such trick is how new home replacement windows can help your air conditioning, especially when you live in a hot climate such as the Jacksonville, FL area. 

So how do new home replacement windows link up with the lifespan of your air conditioner?  There are a lot of different factors that are at play here.  Things such as adequate insulation are a major factor, as is keeping moisture outside.  This all leads to allowing your air conditioner to work a little less hard so that it can reduce the number of times it has to cycle in a given day.  This all leads towards extending its lifespan in a positive fashion.

Added Insulation Provided by the New Windows

New energy replacement windows add a lot of insulation to your home.  When you compare them to older windows you quickly realize just how much of an improvement that they provide.  Older windows were typically made of a single pane of glass.  This means that the air can simply go right through that window pane and get right into your home.  A single pane of glass is not going to do much when it is the month of August and it is over 100 degrees outside in terms of air temperature.  That, added in with the Jacksonville, FL humidity and you can really run into some issues.

The way new home replacement windows are constructed for Jacksonville, FL homes is that they have two panes of glass.  The double-pane design is very effective due to the way that it can work to get rid of any outside air that is trying to make its way into the home.  Think about a hot blast of air trying to get through two panes of glass.  The air may make it through the first pane, but it is obviously going to be weakened a great deal.  It will then approach the second pane.  By the time it gets to that second pane of glass, its strength is not going to be such that it will allow the air to get through in any fashion.

Improved Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is what is going to help out your air conditioner.  The more that you can regulate the interior temperature of your home the better off your air conditioner is going to be in terms of keeping up with the heat outside.  Temperature regulation is all about keeping the interior temperature of your home at a constant level.  You do not want it to get very hot and then very cold in your home.  These temperature swings can cause your air conditioner to have to work overtime.  When the windows can keep the interior temperature of your home at a consistent level then you are going to be able to let your air conditioner do its thing without having to strain it.

Air conditioners have to put in the most work when they have to cycle on and off repeatedly.  Every time an air conditioner has to cycle on and then cycle off again it is being put to work.  When you have temperature swings in your home that are happening quite frequently then this cycling is going to happen far more often than it really should.  This can prove to be quite draining on an air conditioning system, whether it be a window unit or a central air conditioner.  New energy efficient windows reduce the number of times this has to happen to keep your home comfortable.

Protecting something such as a central air conditioning system is important.  When you upgrade your home windows with energy efficient replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL, you are going to be able to do wonders to help the comfort level of your home and also help your air conditioner extend its useful life.