Temperature ControlLiving through the hot summer months in a state such as Florida can be tough.  It can get extremely hot, humid, and uncomfortable.  When this time of year comes, we typically turn to our homes for a period of relief.  The goal here is to go to a place where it is cool and we can relax and escape the excruciating temperatures outside.  How can you be sure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning equipment though and truly controlling the temperature of your home with consistency?  New home windows can go a long way to assisting you in that department. 

We put a lot of strain on our air conditioning equipment in the summer months in Florida.  This is to try and cool our homes as much as possible.  If you are living in a home with older windows though what you find is that the temperature is never really that consistent.  It can get hot and then cold and repeat as your air conditioner cycles.  This happens because your older windows are not providing the necessary insulation to help your air conditioner control the temperature in a regulated manner that doesn’t fluctuate all that much.  New home replacement windows in your Jacksonville, FL home can really help with temperature control day and night.

Reducing the Amount of Heat and Cold Air Seeping Through

What happens when you have older windows is that they are not all that insulated.  They are typically going to be made of a single-pane and are going to be quite thin.  This thin layer of glass, even though it is solid, is going to allow for cold and hot air to go right through it.  When it is hot outside, the heat is going to go through the pane of glass and come right into your home.  On the other side, the cold air that is coming from your air conditioner is going to go right outside.  This cycle is what causes our homes to not be very consistent from a temperature perspective even though the air conditioner seems to be pumping away.

New home replacement windows in your Jacksonville, FL home are going to help get rid of this problem.  The new windows are going to be double-pane in their design.  This means two layers of glass that are going to work to keep the cold air in and the hot air out, adding to the level of insulation and consistency of the temperature inside your home.

Adding Insulation with the Framing

The frames of windows can also play a big role in insulation and helping out your air conditioner.  Older windows typically were made of wooden frames.  These were great when they were first produced, but as the years go by the wood begins to split and the frames break down.  This allows for the air to slip through the cracks of the frames just like it does with a single-pane of glass, only much easier.

Newer home replacement windows are going to have vinyl frames.  These vinyl frames are not going to be susceptible to breaking down in the same way and really are going to make an impact on that level of insulation that your home has.

Allowing The Temperature to Be More Consistent Overall

All you can ask for is consistently cool temperatures in your home in those hot summer months.  When you have new windows that are working to insulate your home then your air conditioner is going to have a much better chance of accomplishing just that.  An air conditioner works to keep your home at one temperature.  It cycles on and off when the temperature hits your desired point.  It can do this much more consistently when it has the proper insulation.  This is going to reduce how quickly the temperature can rise and drop.  This means that your home will not get quite as cold or as hot to the point where it may be uncomfortable for you to live in.

New windows for a Jacksonville, FL home are a great friend to your air conditioner.  The assistance that they provide to helping regulate the temperature of your home is vast.  They also work to make your cooling equipment be that much more energy efficient, especially in those hot summer months that can get quite unbearable.