How New Home Replacement Windows Help Protect Your FurnitureWe place a lot of value in the furniture that we have in our home.  Think about how much you use things in your home such as a couch, kitchen chairs, a dining room table, your bed and the frame that supports it.  The furniture in our home is utilized on a daily basis for our everyday life and our overall comfort in our home.  We also place a lot of our assets into our furniture.  It is not cheap buying a bedroom set or buying a new set of couches for a sitting area.  Due to this, we want to do all that we can when it comes to trying to protect that furniture from top to bottom.

So what are the ways that we protect our furniture?  We do some things for them including cleaning them from time to time.  We may vacuum them, if it is a table we try to polish them to give them a nice shine.  All of these things are great, but it also falls on your home itself and your home windows to further protect your furniture.  You would be surprised at just how much damage you can do to your furniture simply by having old windows in your Jacksonville, FL home.  New replacement windows will go a long way to protecting the furniture that you have.

Issues With Old Windows

So what is it about old windows that makes them so damaging to the furniture that is in your home.  The best comparison is someone who goes to the beahc on a very hot day and forgets to bring sunscreen with them.  Sunscreen has the job of protecting our skin from the sun from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  It acts as a level of defense from the sun so that the rays cannot get to our skin and do as much damage as they would normally be able to do.  If you go to the beach without sunscreen, you get a burn and your skin gets damaged.  The same thing happens to your furniture when you get old windows.

The UV rays of the sun can do just as much damage to your furniture as they can do to your skin at the beach with no sunscreen.  Your windows are that level of sunscreen that protects your furniture from the UV rays.  When you have old windows the level of thickness in the glass is going to be quite minimal.  This means the sun’s rays are going to be able to shine right through and harm the furniture.

Damage UV Rays Can Cause

The UV rays of the sun can do a great deal of damage to your furniture when said furniture is not protected.  The UV rays can cause the fabric on the furniture to fade.  The rays can also work to weaken the overall structure of the furniture.  What this means is that the wood and such could actually break down over time due to just how strong those rays are.  These rays can limit the overall expected lifespan of your furniture.  It extends beyond your furniture as well to carpets, hardwood flooring, among other things.

New Windows Add Protection

Window replacements in Jacksonville, FL add the level of protection that you need for the interior assets of your home.  When you have new windows they are going to be double-paned and also made of thicker glass.  This means that you have two levels of glass protection between the furniture and the sun’s rays.  The sun may make it through the first pane of glass, but it surely is not going to get through the second pane of glass with as much vigor to do any sort of real damage.

When you are thinking about the interior assets of your home you want to do all that you can to protect them from top to bottom.  This means ensuring that the windows are strong enough to limit the amount of strong UV rays that makes it through them.  New windows add a lot of protection for your furniture, for your carpets, among other things.  This all leads to a home that is much more comfortable and much more protected from the harm that the UV rays of the sun can cause to you and your interior home assets.