Windows are one of the durable home assets, and definitely one of the most important. When a homeowner has new windows installed, chances are they’ll keep this windows for well over a decade. Considering the daily beating windows take from constant usage and intense weather, windows definitely have an expiration…but when is it?There are plenty of easy-to-spot signs of wear and tear when it comes to windows. The more you know about the state of your windows, the more proactive you can be with maintaining and replacing them!

Know the Age

If you don’t know the age of the windows in your home, it’s time to find out. The age alone is a good indicator of whether or not your windows are due for a replacement or some serious maintenance. When windows are around 10 to 15 years old, you’ll likely want to start thinking about replacing them.

Window technology advances every single day, just like the auto industry. Outdated windows don’t hold a candle to the way new windows can work to increase your home’s energy efficiency and protect your family and belongings. For this reason, you want to think about upgrading your windows so your home isn’t only protected, but it’s as efficient as possible.

Watch the Window Frames

When you glance at your window frames, do they appear healthy, or do they look cracked and dull? When you begin to see the frames of your windows breaking down, it’s likely your entire windows are due for replacement. When the frame is compromised, the seals between the frames and the panes of glass become far more vulnerable.

Glass Quality

If you have older windows in your Jacksonville home, chances are they have a weak single pane of glass. Outdated windows aren’t just less energy efficient, they’re also more susceptible to weather and shattering. Newer vinyl windows have double paned glass, helping extensively with insulation and security.

Being Proactive Pays Off

It’s important to be ahead of the game when it comes to replacing your windows. The more active you are with maintenance, repairs and replacements, the less stressed and more financially sound you’ll be! When the time comes to replace your outdated windows, hopefully you’ve taken care of the project before you experience leaking or shattered windows. Take a proactive approach, and the home improvement project will be painless.

Your home’s windows are durable, but they’re definitely not indestructible. It’s important to be aware of the common signs of wear and tear, then actively work to maintain the windows. American Window Products can easily assess the state of your windows and guide you through any maintenance or replacement you may need! We’re so excited to work with you.