Multi-Paned WindowMost homeowners have no clue how many panes of glass their windows should have. When people shop for windows, they often focus solely on the price. Unfortunately, purchasing windows because they’re simply inexpensive often means you’re getting just that, cheap windows. If this is your MO, then the windows you buy likely won’t perform how you expect. When it’s time to replace your windows, it’s important to focus on what kind of energy efficiency and protection the windows can provide.

The two biggest factors that determine the quality of windows you’re purchasing for your home are the framing of the windows and the panes of glass. People often neglect to purchase windows with quality 2+ panes which can lead to many problems in the coming years. But don’t forget to also focus on the framing material, style of the windows, color and grid lines.

One Pane is Not Enough

One pane of glass just isn’t enough. At least two panes of glass for each window is the standard, and each additional pane increases efficiency and protection. If you’re going to go through the work and spend the money on a window replacement, installing single paned windows is a waste of time because they easily crack and air continuously seeps through.

The strength of your windows is incredibly important, and it’s practically non-existent with single paned windows. These flimsy windows won’t be able to survive the outdoor elements like double paned windows can. When tropical storms sweep through Florida, which is inevitable, single paned windows don’t really stand a chance against high winds and heavy rain.

If you decide to purchase single paned windows, then you should probably get used to hearing noise from the street! Falling asleep without background noise will be a thing of the past, and we can bet you don’t want to hear the neighborhood kids while you’re trying to take a nap. The inside of your home should be peaceful, and multiple panes of glass will achieve that.

Two to Three Panes of Glass Makes Sense

2-3 panes of glass is typically what homeowners should shoot for when choosing new windows. Ultimately, deciding how many panes of glass will come down to your budget and the value you place on the benefits that come from windows with more panes. The more panes of glass, the better a window’s energy efficiency, noise reduction and protection from harmful UV rays.

When it’s time for you to choose how many panes of glass your windows should have, it’s helpful to know how the number of panes will affect you and your home. It all comes down to how the windows will affect energy efficiency, noise reduction and protection from the sun. The experts at American Window Products can help you determine which windows are best for your home and make the most sense for your lifestyle.