Windows & Noise LevelWe all want our homes to be a nice quiet, safe sanctuary.  The idea here is for your home to be a place of serenity, where you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.  We go to great lengths to make our homes as comfortable as possible.  We do this in the way that we pick out our decor, the way that we put carpets down on our floors, pick out nice couches to sit on, chairs, beds, and so on.  One thing that can truly put a damper on all of this hard work though is noise from the outside making its way into your home.  This is where new home windows come into play.

So how exactly do new home windows play a role in keeping your home a peaceful and comfortable place?  Simply put, new home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL are designed with insulation in mind.  This is not only insulation from the sense of energy efficiency, but also insulation from any outside noise that may be going by.  Think about the traffic that you have on your street on any given day.  How great would it to reduce that noise level from the street to never even have a chance of making it into your home?  Let’s take a look at how new home windows help to block outside noise making its way in.

The Double-Pane Design of the Windows

The goal when you are dealing with outside noise is to try and diminish it as much as possible.  This is done with new home replacement windows thanks in large part to the way in which the glass is designed for the windows.  Think about the old windows that you either still have or used to have in your Jacksonville, FL home.  They were likely only made of one pane of glass.  This means that if the sound was able to get through the one pane of glass then it would be able to just get right into your home.  With double-pane glass it is much harder for the sound to be able to make it through.

What happens with double-pane glass with new home replacement windows is that the sound has to make it through both panes.  Think about how the window is manufactured and it will make a lot of sense.  The sound may get through the first pane, but after it does it is going to lose some of its punch.  After it gets through the first pane it then again has to pass through the second pane.  By the time it does this the sound will be diminished to the point where you will either be able to barely hear it or not hear it at all.  

The Window Frames Also Keep the Noise Outside

The frames of your windows are also going to play a factor in keeping noise outside as much as possible.  When you have older windows they typically were going to be made of wooden frames.  These wood frames have a tendency to break down over time.  The frames can become cracked and these cracks can open your home up to the outside world.  When cars go by, that noise can go right through the cracks and make it into your home.  New home replacement windows combat this thanks to their frame design.

New home replacement windows are made of vinyl frames for the most part.  Vinyl frames are a great material to use as it is a solid material that is not going to have the same tendency to break down like wood will.  You do not have to worry about painting vinyl or worry about it cracking due to water or anything like that.  Vinyl window frames provide quality insulation from a noise perspective to help keep your home as quiet and comfortable as possible.

New home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL will go a long way to helping your home remain a peaceful place.  When you think about the makeup of new home replacement windows with their frame and double-pane glass design you will quickly realize just how much assistance they provide from a noise reduction perspective.  Even if you live on a busy street, new home replacement windows can help make your home feel as if you are living on a dead-end street with no one and no cars around or driving by.