Home Replacement WindowsAir and water leaks are a sign that you need new windows; it is as simple as that. If you are sitting there in a living room and you can feel wind coming through the windows or see water drips and condemnation building up on the interior of the window, it is only a matter of time before some serious damage is done to the inside of your home. There is a great deal of impact felt within your home if these air and water leaks are not dealt with timely. You spend a lot of time and resources in ensuring that your Jacksonville, FL home always looks and functions as you would expect of it. Dealing with air and water leaks from your old windows timely can help your home maintain its pristine status. So how do air and water leaks signal the need for replacement windows?

When you have air and water coming through the windows, it means that your current windows are not providing the level of insulation that your home needs. Windows, just like your walls, are designed to keep the outside air and elements there and your inside atmosphere at status quo. This can help your heating and cooling equipment maintain your home at a comfortable temperature and also keep your home safe from the elements. Let’s take a closer look at why these signals are a major sign you need replacement windows and quickly.

Air Drafts Can Cause a Lot of Energy Inefficiencies

Think about how much money you spend on an annual basis dealing with keeping your home comfortable. There are a lot of energy costs out there when it comes to running heating equipment, cooling equipment, and so on. In those hot summer months, it is not uncommon for your air conditioning bill to increase drastically. How can you ensure that the equipment does not have to work overtime though? You should start by looking at the current state of your windows.

When you have drafts coming through your windows, what is happening is it is basically reversing everything that heating and/or cooling equipment has done for you. It is like driving around in your car with the air conditioner blasting and your window wide open. The impact of the air conditioner is just not going to be felt in the same way. When you have an air draft coming in through your windows, you are causing your home to lose a lot of its energy efficiency status. When air is allowed to draft in through your window, you are essentially throwing money out that same window due to the heat or cool air it is wasting.

Water Leaks Can Lead to Mold and Other Damage

Old windows are also prone to water leaks through them. This can be seen over time as the windows do not have the seal and/or insulation that they had when they were first installed. This can lead to condensation building up around the window and actually starting to drip into the house. When this happens, you are introducing a potential slew of problems to your home. When water drips it, the water has the ability to begin to seep into the woodwork and such around it. This seepage is going to allow it to penetrate to the wood to the point where it can cause mold growth as well as other damage.

Replacing The Windows Before Too Much Damage is Done

The goal with the windows of your home should always be to replace them before it is too late. Once you start to feel drafts coming through or you start to experience water leaking in, it may be time to get those windows replaced. The faster you act, the less damage those old windows are going to cause. New replacement windows are a great addition to any Jacksonville, FL home. They add a sound level of insulation and allow your home to function in a much more energy efficient way.

When it is all said and done, replacing your windows timely can help ensure that your home remains comfortable and functioning the way you would expect of it. Your home should be comfortable and secure; don’t let old windows inhibit on the enjoyment of the home you have worked so hard to build.