This home has a storm door. Smart owners!Storm doors are assets that homeowners typically don’t see the value of or don’t understand their serious benefits. Storm doors really are a great way to protect one of the most important structures of your home, the front door. Besides, installing a storm door is much more cost effective than replacing a damaged front door. The awesome people at American Window Products can handle your door installation right after you read the many benefits of a storm door!

Think about the major storms that pass through Florida. Jacksonville gets some of the nastiest wind and rain from annual tropical storms and hurricanes. Mother Nature can do some serious damage to the exterior (and interior) of your home. We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your home and assets.

Blocking the Rain

Wear and tear is guaranteed with any home, but if there are ways to prevent the process or slow it down, sign us up! A storm door is one of those ways, and it’s an awesome first line of defense against a big storm.

Heavy rain beating down on your front door will take a serious toll, that’s for sure. Repeated exposure to harsh rain will damage the paint, harm the structure and take years off the door’s lifespan.

A Line of Defense Against the Sun

It’s pretty common to see faded, chipped paint on warped doors in hot environments like Jacksonville. Just another bonus of having a storm door!

Storm doors do an incredible job of blocking the sun, kinda like SPF 50 does for your body on a sunny beach day. The glass on the storm door blocks harmful UV rays to keep your front door looking brand new for years.

Wind Stopper

A storm door does the same thing for wind and debris that it does for sun. It’s a sturdy (yet inexpensive) way to shield your pricey, pretty front door from any crazy weather.

Every homeowner should consider a storm door if they value their assets. The experts at American Window Products can take care of your storm door installation so your front door is protected before the next storm hits!