new front doorYour front door is the one thing that stands between your home and the hustle and bustle of the street. That’s why curb appeal should be a top priority, simply to show off your beautiful home or increase resale value before you put it on the market. When it comes to door installation, we’re your guys. The team at American Window Products will help you create a feasible budget and develop an installation plan for your new entry door.

Purchasing a new front door can be an exciting process if it’s done right. There are a few common mistakes that are easily avoidable, and we’re doing our part to guide you in the direction of a stress-free, budget-friendly process. Here are our tips:

Avoid the Big Box Retailers

If purchasing a high quality door for a fair price is your priority, then the biggest mistake you can make is going to a large chain. National retailers tend to carry lots of doors, which makes it easy to buy a door and walk out. The problem with this business model is that the majority of the doors they sell are poor quality. On top of the fact that they lack quality, they also don’t come with reliable, trustworthy installation. If you want a top-notch door and you want it installed correctly, American Window Products is the place to go.

Figure Out the Style You Want

You want topurchase a door from American Window Products, and here’s why: For one, we offer doors for every price range, but we specialize in the highest quality doors on the market. We can easily meet your ideal price, desired style and find a door for every environment. When you reach out to our team, we provide unbeatable service when we walk you through the selection, purchase and installation process. Unlike the big box retailers, our services are catered directly to you. The difference is clear, and that’s one of the many reasons we have raving fan customers.

Have a Professional Installation Done

Installing a door is way harder than it looks, take it from the experts! If you install an entry door incorrectly, you give way to decreased energy efficiency and the potential for break-ins. It’s not worth the risk, we promise. Our team can do it quickly, stay within your budget and work around your schedule.

Replacing your front door with an updated, more appealing door is a simple way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re replacing your door because of vanity or necessity, we can do the job, and do it well. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the project in no time!