Window CleaningWe all want to try and make our job of cleaning our home as easy as possible. No one loves to run around the house all day trying to keep windows clean, walls sparkling, cabinets tidy, clothes put away, and all of that. Replacement windows in Jacksonville can at the very least help make your job of cleaning your windows that much easier. New vinyl replacement windows in Jacksonville has changed all of that for the better. New windows make cleaning them that much easier and stress free every single day.  

Easier Glass to Keep Clean

When you have brand new quality glass, it is that much easier to keep the glass clean. All glass is going to get dirty from thing such as fingerprints going on the glass, drinks splashing up against the windows, dogs slobbering on them, and so on. New glass always seems to be that much easier to clean. You do not have to worry so much about the fragility of the glass. New vinyl replacement windows in Jacksonville are double pane and the glass is very strong. This makes scrubbing away on them that much simpler and stress free.  

Washing Frames With Soap and Water

One of the worst parts of dealing with older windows would be trying to keep the frames of the windows clean. This was nearly impossible with the old wooden frames that used to be around. When you tried to clean something off of the frames, you had a chance of even stripping the paint right off as a result of the cleaning efforts. You should not be making more work for yourself down the road simply because you wanted to clean your windows today.  

Double-Hung Windows

Have you ever climbed up a ladder or onto a chair to try and clean windows? Double hung windows change all of that. These replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL are double hung meaning that they can go up and down, but also inside and out. The windows can actually pull right out and towards you.

No More Painting

Painting window frames can be tedious when you have to paint them from inside and out. When you have new vinyl frames, you never have to worry about paint chipping off of them. The vinyl is there and it is there to stay for good.

Cleaning new replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL is a breeze when compared to what it was like cleaning those old-fashioned windows years ago. Think about the style of window you have in your home and how much time you spend trying to keep up with those windows. If you fall in the category with an old set of windows in your home, reach out to us at American Window Products. We can come and check out your home and help you assess the many benefits that new windows bring.