Front Door.jpgThe front door of your home is something that you can easily take for granted. Most homeowners focus on other important aspects of a home – roof, siding, flooring, etc – that front doors are often disregarded. Our door installation Jacksonville team of professionals are aware of what to be on the lookout for to recommend new front doors and also to install them properly. There are some warnings signs that you can watch out for on your own though so that you can replace the front door of your home before too much damage is done to your home.

Drafts Coming Through

If you feel a draft coming from your door, it may be time to replace it. As the front door of your home starts to get older, all of the seals are going to begin to shrink and crack over time. This could be a big reason why your energy bills have been on the rise. Drafts can be a big deterrent to home comfort and also to energy efficiency.

Door Cracks

Are you starting to notice that you have actual visible cracks in your front door? This is yet another sign that you should really start to be on the lookout for a replacement door. The structure of the door could really be starting to fail and you must take notice to have it replaced immediately. Plus, cracks are going to allow drafts and insects to come through.

Scraping Door

Is the door of your home starting to scrape along the floor every time that you open and close it? This is another big sign that you have a real problem on your hands with the state of the door overall. Door installation Jacksonville, FL can replace that front door so that this is not a problem anymore. Door scraping can be a sign that your door has warped or has begun to sag over time. Not only is it a sign that the structure of your door is not sound, it can also lead to damage of your floor as well.

Squeak, Squeak

Are you starting to hear a lot of squeaking when you open and close your front door? Squeaky hinges can be addressed with lubrication, but it could also be a sign that the door itself is really starting to fail. You want to take action to have this addressed as these hinges and the issues that go with them can lead to the front door being much easier to be forced open than it should be. This can impact the security of your home.

There are signs that you want to be on the lookout for when it comes to replacing the front door of your home.The more that you are aware of these signs, the better off that you are going to be. You want to be proactive when you are talking about door installation Jacksonville, FL so that you can get a brand new door in place and avoid some of the risks and dangers that go along with having a home with an older front door.