Sun coming through the blindsWindows are the eyes of the home, so they should be treated with tender lovin’ care. Although, we might be a little biased. From the outside, they should be shiny and clean, while from the inside they should provide natural light and smudge-free views. Unfortunately, your windows might be costing you some serious cash. They can be a huge source of energy loss in your home, especially if your windows are many years old. The air traveling in and out of windows causes bills to shoot up, but replacing your windows is easy with American Window Products.
Your AC is working over time during summer in Jacksonville. Make it a priority to keep your energy bill down by keeping air flow away from the windows. Heat should stay out, and the cool AC should stay in. There’s a lot to know about how the sun and heat impacts your windows, here’s our two cents:

Weakening the Glass

Heat can actually weaken your windows over time, especially in a hot climate. The glass gets beaten down daily by the sun, and that takes a toll. Most people don’t know the lasting effects of heat on glass, but it’s important if you want to maintain sturdy and efficient windows.

Heat Passing Through

If your windows are single pane and/or outdated, it’s extremely easy for heat to pass through. A window replacement will give you windows with two panes of glass to keep heat out. This transfer of air temperature through the pane is a huge reason for energy loss because your AC will be required to work double-time.

Harmful UV Rays

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting a sunburn while watching TV on the couch. But if you have outdated windows, this is a real possibility. The UV rays and the strong heat can easily penetrate older windows, taking the element of safety out of your home.

Window Frame Damage

Thanks to the Jacksonville heat, your window frames will break down over the years. Cracks and warps in the frame structure are clear signs the damage is running its course. Although, this type of damage may only be visible in wood frames because the material can’t handle the intense heat. When you’ve reached your breaking point with cracking, run-down frames, it’s time for a window replacement.
The sun’s rays are harmful, but no match for your new knowledge. Start thinking about window replacements before your windows slowly harm your home and the frames deteriorate. Our amazing team at American Window Products has the skills and brainpower necessary to make your home safe and attractive.