Moisture-free WindowsIf you’ve started to notice moisture building up between your double paned windows, being proactive to fix the problem is an absolute must. Window fogging is common pretty much everywhere, but especially in humid environments like Jacksonville. Understanding why the moisture build-up is there can help you get to the root of the problem, and help you answer the ultimate question: Do my windows need to be repaired or replaced?

The Cause

The entire fogging problem you’re dealing with links back to one thing, and that’s condensation. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with cooler, dry air.

The perfect example is how a bathroom mirror begins to fog after you take a hot shower. The mirror is the cool, dry surface, while the air around it is extremely moisture-dense. When the two opposites come in contact, fog occurs.

Windows are like People

Windows sweat, just like humans do. It’s all because of a change in temperature in the surroundings. So the question is, is there a problem with your windows or is it just a natural occurrence associated with living in Florida?

Moisture in the air is what’s causing the condensation, but outdated or damaged windows can certainly contribute to the problem. It all comes back to the energy efficiency of your home and windows. Consider highly-insulated double paned windows, for example. These windows will do a great job of keeping exterior air from coming into contact with the air inside your home. Double paned windows will reduce the chance of fogging, ultimately solving all your problems! If you have older, single pane windows, you might’ve just found the source of your fog frustration.

The Big Problem(s)

Two big concerns come into play when we’re talking about windows fogging up. Too much fog could be a result of poor-quality windows or the aftermath of poorly sealed windows. Both situations result in the same thing, and that’s moisture build-up between multiple panes of glass.

When windows are old or aren’t properly installed, the two panes of glass leave room for airflow, which typically results in moisture. This can cause damage to the frames and increase the risk of mold growth. If you have single panes of glass, it’s like that they lack the insulation needed to prevent damage resulting from moisture.

The good news is, condensation on your windows isn’t always bad news. Most homeowners have to deal with foggy windows once in awhile, but it’s important to know where the moisture is coming from and why it’s occurring. When it becomes a common problem, you know you have an issue on your hands. No need to worry, because that’s where American Window Products comes in. Our team deals with this all the time, and we can conduct a full assessment to figure out the best way to fix your problem.