home security We all want our homes to be as safe and secure as possible.  We go to great lengths to accomplish this.  Think about how many times that you have tried to secure your home in a variety of ways.  We try and replace the locks on our exterior doors, we try to install fancy home security systems, and so on.  In the end though the easiest way for someone to get into our home if they want to is through a window.  This is where most homes are vulnerable from a security perspective.

Trying to improve the security of your home starts and ends with really assessing where your home stands from top to bottom.  This means analyzing everything from your doors, to your windows, and anywhere else that someone that wants to get could get inside from.  Your home windows should be a main focus point.  When you hone in on them what you are going to realize is that you can do a lot of good from a security sense by replacing your Jacksonville, FL home windows for newer windows.  Let’s take a look as to why this is the case.

Improved Locks 

The way in which the locks are built on new home replacement windows is far superior to what you are used to having.  Many homeowners will go to a big box retailer and just buy new window locks to put on older windows.  These may seem to work decently, but they are not going to provide the sense of true security that you are looking for.  New home replacement windows are going to have improved locks so that you do not have to worry about them breaking down under pressure.

Better Framing

The frames of new windows also provide a good sense of security.  Older windows made of rotted out wooden frames can break down quite easily.  Put a little pressure on them and someone can get through them in no time at all.  WIth new home replacement windows in a Jacksonville, FL home you are going to be working with quality vinyl framing that is going to set you up nicely for years to come from a security perspective.

Double-Pane Glass 

Window glass also has to be considered when you are thinking about and talking about security.  When you have older windows they are going to be of the single-pane variety.  This is not going to provide you much from a security perspective.  Double-pane glass is going to be far stronger and more secure should someone try to break through it with any force.  Think about how many times that you have seen older windows get shattered because of a ball going through the window or something like that.  WHen you have new windows this is not a problem in the slightest as they are going to be that much stronger to be able to withstand whatever gets banged up against them.

Ability to Open Windows But Keep Secure 

Newer home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL also have the ability to be opened, but also be kept quite secure.  This is because they have locks that you can activate at a certain point so that the window can stay open, but also be locked at the same time.  These locks are designed to allow the window to open to a certain point and are quite valuable when you live in a climate that is conducive to leaving windows open and really enjoying the fresh air that is outside. 

Build Quality

In the end it really all comes down to the build quality of the windows.  You want your windows to be as strong and as secure as possible at all times.  The build quality of older windows just is not going to be what you would expect if you are a homeowner looking for a true sense of security.  New windows, though, are going to have the build quality that is going to provide you with a real defense against any intruder that may want to try and make his or her way into your home. 

Security is always a major consideration for homeowners.  We want our homes to be as safe and secure as humanly possible.  When we work to secure our homes we need to focus on the locks, on any entry way that there is.  WIndows are one area that need extra special attention.  New home replacement windows in a Jacksonville, FL home can really help to make your home that much more secure.