fiberglass doorsDrive down the street and you notice that pretty much every home has a lot of the same traits. They all have a front door, they all have windows, siding, a roof, lawns, and so on. What is it that makes one home stand out from the rest then? It really all comes down to what you do with all of these standard features that every home has. That is what is going to make all of the difference in the world and what is going to set one home apart from the rest. This is really the case when you get to something such as the front door of a home. That exterior door is not only the main entry point into the home, but it is also the first thing that people are going to see as they approach the home.  

When you make the decision to replace that front door, you want to do so in a way that is going to give you the most value, the most return on your investment. From a materials perspective, there is little arguing against fiberglass as the de facto solution. How you make it unique to you and your home though is what is going to separate it from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. We can help you with your fiberglass door installation Jacksonville, FL and help you make your door as unique as possible.

Consider the Color

The color is the first thing that you can use to help your fiberglass door really stand out. When you ask us out to your home to go through what your potential door installation Jacksonville, FL project is going to include, talk to us about what you want the door to look like from a color perspective. We have the ability with fiberglass to go any way that you want in terms of door color. If you want a purple door, go for it. If pink floats your boat and you want to go that unique route, you can do that as well. We can work with you so that the color immediately lets the door stand out and also complements the other colors of your home.

Framing Matters

Framing also matters when it comes to a front door. You can frame your door with all sorts of styles, details, and colors. Work with us so that we can show you a gallery of some examples of doors that we have installed in the past. You may have a vision in your head, but you may not have even thought of half of the options that you actually have at your disposal. Our knowledge and experience can benefit you greatly by going with a frame that is unique.

Play With the Hardware

Door installation Jacksonville, FL is also going to include the hardware. This means the hinges that the door sits on, the handle that is used to open it, the lock, and so on. You can play with the hardware so that it has different colors, different types of metals, whatever you like to make your door unique and the presentation representative of what you want. 

Finite Details Are Key

Never forget the finite details when it comes to a front door. You can have all sorts of designs worked into the fiberglass door that can be really showcased. If you want a truly custom fiberglass door, we can work with you so that you get every little detail you want in there.

Windows Anyone?

Don’t forget the option of adding windows to your front door. This could be a half-moon, a few small squares, or something totally outside of the box. These are always a great option to spruce up the door, let in some natural light, and bring the best out of your home overall.

We take a great deal of pride in the work that we put in with our door installation Jacksonville, FL services. When we come out to your home, our goal is to make you completely satisfied with the fiberglass door that you end up with. You don’t replace your front door too often. When you do, make sure it is unique and packs great value.