Benefits of new windowsReplacing the windows in your home is an exciting and big investment that’ll last for many years. You’re not just giving the exterior of your home a facelift, you’re increasing value and quality of life. There are so many upsides to installing new windows that you probably haven’t considered, but we’re here to outline them all. Lucky for you, the list of benefits is long. 

Protection from UV Rays

Think of new windows as an SPF 50 and old windows as a tanning oil, the best and safest option is pretty obvious. UV ray protection keeps harmful rays off your skin, walls and furniture. The powerful sun can easily fade furniture, floors, rugs and paint, which is where high-quality updated windows come in. Especially in a sunny place like Jacksonville, it’s not wise to expose your home and family to UV rays on a daily basis. 

Improved Curb Appeal

We all take pride in our home’s exterior appearance. Clean, updated windows play a huge part in curb appeal. Keeping up with the exterior can be difficult, or it can be as easy as calling American Window Products. We know what it’ll take to make your house look its best, and even increase value down the road. 

Noise Reduction From the Street

If peace and quiet is your goal, then you’ve found your solution. So many sounds flow through old, thin windows. With newly-constructed windows, get used to peaceful afternoon naps and relaxing family dinners. The raucous coming from the neighbors will be a thing of the past. American Window Products is our name, and noise reduction is our game. 

Energy Efficiency Gains

You’ll save money!!! I hope we have your attention now. Thanks to the double panes in new windows, your home will be much more energy efficient. The two panes provide more insulation which means less energy that your home needs to use to maintain temperature.  

Low Maintenance Needs

Let’s face it, none of us can dedicate the time we should to home maintenance. New advancements in windows have made them easy to care for, which is a priority in many of today’s households. The updated vinyl windows require cleaner and a cloth once and awhile, but that’s about it. How’s that for low maintenance!
Feel like a window-genius yet? As you can see, the benefits totally outweigh the initial cost. You’ll save money on repairs and your energy bill in the long run, enjoy more relaxation inside your home and enjoy the benefits of more attractive windows. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process of window replacement and what would be best for you and your home.