Summer is coming to an end and it’s about time to wrap up your home improvement projects. From simple fixer-uppers around the house to a large new construction overhaul, summer is one of the best times to remodel. While Florida hits record-breaking temperatures outside, there’s no better time to stay inside and revamp your home. If your front door is a huge eyesore in your mind or isn’t offering the benefits you crave, it’s time for an upgrade. Before you move forward with this important home project, it’s essential to understand the fiberglass door benefits for your Jacksonville home. 


The American Window Products team is here to help you make the best decision for your family. Homes from Amelia Island to Avondale require different security measures and door styles. One of the only door choices that checks every box is fiberglass entry doors. Most people have no idea where to begin in the process of purchasing a new door. You’re in luck. We’re here with the unbiased, upfront guidance you need to make the best purchase. 

Why Fiberglass Doors are Likely the Right Choice for You

Fiberglass doors are a fantastic solution for Jacksonville residents who want a high-end look and exceptional benefits at an affordable price. Check out a few of the most important benefits of installing a fiberglass door to your Florida home. 

Impressive Security Measures

If you have little kids and a beautiful home — or even if you don’t have either — you still want to do everything you can to protect your assets. In addition to an advanced home security system, high-quality windows and doors are crucial. Fiberglass doors are one of the best ways to keep intruders out of your home. Unlike outdated wood doors, fiberglass doors are incredibly durable at a fraction of the cost.

Insulation During the Summer and Winter

Fiberglass reduces the amount of heat that transfers from the exterior to the interior (and vice versa). Less heat transfer means better energy efficiency, which means lower energy bills for you. Win, win, win. If your energy bill has started to rise over the past few months, upgrading to a fiberglass door should be one of your first steps.


The list of fiberglass door benefits could go on forever, but the undeniable energy benefits are a frequent favorite of homeowners. Ask any window or door company in Florida what they think. You’ll frequently hear that fiberglass doors are your best bet for the Florida weather.

Countless Customization Options to Fit Your Style

Pockets of home all around Jacksonville and the beaches vary greatly in structural appearance. From Spanish estates in parts of Ponte Vedra to little bungalows in Riverside, the door you choose should be fully custom to your house. 


One of the primary reasons to choose a fiberglass door is the endless different color and texture combinations. The American Windows crew can install a fiberglass door in hundreds of size, color and finish combinations. Work closely with our design and installation experts to design a door that’s perfect for you. 

Get Started on Your Front Door Upgrade Today

Homeowners and window companies everywhere will certainly agree — fiberglass doors are an affordable choice with benefits that matter. This obvious option improves your home’s energy efficiency, boosts security and so much more. There’s really no other affordable option out there that boasts so many benefits and customization options. 


It all started with Ryan coming out to our house to give us an estimate, and immediately felt comfortable with him and his knowledge of what we needed for our home. What Josh and Chad left behind wasn’t just a quality product with a quality install, they also made a customer for life. We are looking to get our front door replaced, so I WILL be using American Window Products.

– Mike J., American Window Products Google Review


Do you want to read some more reviews before giving us a call? No problem. Check out what some of your Jacksonville neighbors have to say about us here. Once you’ve done your research and you’re ready to design your new front door, we’re here to help. 


The American Window Products team has installed beautiful windows and doors all around Jacksonville for over 35 years. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the longest-running window company in Jacksonville. Chat with us today to start reaping the endless fiberglass door benefits.