The decision to update the windows around your home requires plenty of research, budgeting and planning. New windows don’t just improve the look and feel of your home, they also boost the resale value when it’s time to sell. Of course, the lifespan and effectiveness of your investment come down to how well you maintain them. Double hung windows are a favorite among Jacksonville homeowners for a few key reasons. If you’re in the market for double hung windows this year, here’s how to clean and sustain your investment.  

Spend Some Time on Regular Maintenance 

Whether this is your responsibility, the kids’ or your maid’s, bi-weekly window cleanings are crucial to long-term benefits. To clean double hung windows, simply open the windows inward toward you to reach the glass panes. Pop the window pane back into its starting position to clean the interior pane of glass. 


It’s also important to clean window treatments, latches and frames. Use your favorite glass cleaner or soap and water to rid the windows of dust and debris. Built-up debris can disrupt the function of latches and jade the appearance of the windows. 


Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the window tracks. Dirt and debris caught in the track of the window can make it difficult to open and close your windows. Use a small dry brush to remove any build up in these hard-to-reach places. 

A Significant Amount of Energy Should be Spend of Annual Maintenance

Spring (or summer, fall or winter…) cleaning is a great habit to begin sooner rather than later. Weekly maintenance doesn’t always cover the less-used parts of the house. While annual maintenance certainly involves cleaning, it also entails small home repairs. 


Wander around the interior and exterior of your home to look for any cracks, warps or break down in your window panes and frames. Bring a miniature vacuum, calk and a toothbrush with you. All of these tools can be used to clean and fix small areas in need of repair.  

Less-Obvious Areas that Still Need Your Attention

Weep holes are areas of your double hung window that provide drainage when water builds up in the track and sills. If you begin to notice water pooling in any crevices, the weep holes may be blocked. Use a toothbrush or q-tip to remove any hair, dirt or dust blocking the opening. 


While the window frame is certainly visible with the naked eye, it’s not always considered an area prone to debris. Regular maintenance is the only way to prevent stains and deposits from corroding the frames of your new double hung windows. Apply mineral oil spritz to areas with excess build-up. 

Sometimes it’s Time for the Professionals to Step In

Serious damage and excessive energy bills are clear signs it’s time to call the experts. The American Window Products crew will come survey and inspect your double hung windows to identify any problem areas. 


Some repairs just aren’t a DIY job. In the occasion that your windows need professional repairs, we will make our recommendations and provide a quote. As the leading window supplier and installer in Jacksonville, we’re confident our work is the best quality and most affordable you’ll find. 

Find the Perfect Double Hung Windows for Your Home

We always advise homeowners to choose the windows that best fit their architectural look and lifestyle. Double hung windows are a classic option for homes of all kinds. They provide superior ventilation, are simple to maintain and boast serious energy efficiency benefits

Are you ready to make a decision on this important home investment? We’re here to help. Reach out to the American Window Products professionals today.