Replacing your old, out-dated, and inefficient windows can save you a bundle on your heating and cooling expenses. On average, older windows may account for nearly 25 percent of your annual energy costs, possibly more in harsh climates. Over the course of a few years, your windows fall victim to the elements. Direct sun, inclement weather, extreme temperatures, all wreak havoc on your windows’ seals and insulating properties. Even if your current windows are double-paned windows, advances in technology make today’s models extremely energy efficient and more resilient to the common problems of previous windows.

The thermal efficiency of your windows is improved by the type of glazing, as well as the number of panes used. Single paned windows, though not very common in new construction, are still in use today. As you might imagine, they aren’t very energy smart. Double paned windows are much more insulating. They provide double the glaze, as well as an airtight double pane. Obviously, triple paned windows are slightly more insulating.

If you’re thinking about replacing your current windows, you may wonder if you should consider triple paned over double paned windows. In some cases, opting for triple paned windows makes perfect sense. They offer more insulation, excellent sound-proofing, and are slightly more resistant to condensation then double paned windows. However, for some homeowners, the extra expense of triple paned over double paned windows may not be the most cost efficient investment.

When Triple Paned Windows Make Sense

New windows can make a huge difference in the personal comfort of you and your family. In addition to helping your home maintain a pleasant climate, your windows enhance the beauty of your home, inside and out. They literally provide you with your view of the world.

If your world begins in an area of harsh temperatures, cold or hot, you may consider upgrading to triple paned windows. These well-sealed models go further than double paned windows to ensure your energy dollars aren’t, well, going out the window.

In areas of extreme, dry cold or heat, your triple pane windows can provide less opportunity for interior temperatures to soar or plummet with the weather. For those who live in very cold areas, triple paned windows make even more sense. The thermal insulation also provides an extra barrier so humidity isn’t lost, thus helping your home feel warmer and more pleasant, even as snow and ice build outside your home, and the winds rattle your neighbors’ lesser windows.

If you live in a congested area and find the outside noise to be extremely distracting, then triple paned windows can make a pretty big difference. Triple paned windows provide better quality sound proofing than double paned windows and those who are plagued by ongoing commotion and clatter will be pleased by the results.

Make the Wise Investment For Your Home

Homeowners in areas of mild to moderate temperature changes, and tolerable outside noise, will find double paned windows work just as well as triple paned, and for a smaller investment. There really is no noticeable difference between double paned windows and triple paned when it comes to energy bills for those homeowners in less harsh climates, and the return on your investment is negligible at best.

Double paned windows will provide you with quality insulation and enhance the beauty, and comfort of your home. You’ll notice lower utility bills right away and the upgrade in technology will provide you years, if not decades, of pleasant days and nights. Investing in new triple or double paned windows, depending on your needs, is always a wise investment.