Window TreatmentsWe all spend a great deal of time on the major assets in our home trying to keep them up to date, maintained, and so on. This is why we do thing such as replace the windows of our home or exterior doors. When you get beyond these major assets though, you can then begin to start to do some of the fun decorating stuff when it comes to your home. This is especially the case in terms of what you can do with windows Jacksonville, FL as long as you have the right level of creativity and ideas to back it up. It does not take a small fortune to decorate your windows and give your home that finishing touch you have been looking for.

Do it yourself projects are starting to gain popularity amongst homeowners. When you take the approach of creating your own window treatments you are going to be saving a lot of money over buying window treatments form a big box retailer. You will also be going a long way to making your home that much more unique from a decorative sense. We all want our homes to be a reflection of ourselves. When you go with do it yourself window treatments for your windows, you will be giving them that final finishing touch you have been looking for.

Try Painting Drop Cloths

One of the ways that people are starting to get creative with do it yourself window treatments is with the use of a drop cloth. Try getting an off-white drop cloth or a similar bland color and taking your hand to it with some paint. Using things such as your creativity, stencils, among other things can help you create a window treatment that is uniquely you. The best place to start with this is probably a faux Roman to get the base looking the way you want and then you can go from there. Take privacy and such into consideration when trying to decide on the right colors and size.

Put a Covering Over the Blinds

You can really make your windows that much more unique when you work to put a covering over the blinds you have. If you have roller blinds, this is extremely easy. What you can do is unroll the blind and then pick out something such as a wallpaper that you absolutely love. Apply the wallpaper right to the blind to give yourself a completely unique look. This is far less expensive than buying an already designed blind. If you have vinyl blinds there are ways around this as well, it just make take a bit more creativity. Roller blinds are the perfect choice to try wallpaper on for your windows.

Patterns With Contact Paper

You can do some amazing things when you put your mind to it with contact paper and stencils. Get some contact paper and make a design right on the glass. When you use contact paper on the glass, you have the ability to create a visual display that is completely unique to your imagination. When you move or decide to make a change, all you have to do is to peel that contact paper right off and you can start fresh again.

Do it yourself window treatments for windows in Jacksonville, FL are not as hard to take on as you may think. Whether you try contact paper on the glass, use wallpaper on roller blinds, or try and paint some drop cloths to make some very unique curtains, you are going to give your home an affordable, new design.