Professionals earn their title for a reason. Let’s take a step back from windows for a second to consider other forms of expert service. Can you make that coveted Mai Tai at your favorite Jacksonville beach bar? What about that steak you love so much? While you may have the ingredients at your disposal, it’ll just never be the same as when the pros do the job. Your experience with a professional window cleaner is exactly the same. When it comes to a deep clean that preserves the quality and functionality of your vinyl windows, here’s where DIYers and pros differ:

DIY Window Cleaning Lacks Safety, While Experts Take the Right Precautions

Many homes around Jacksonville are two or more stories. When it comes to window cleaning, that means hanging outside a window to clean the exterior. Your local window experts (and probably ER doctors!) definitely don’t recommend that. You have a couple options here to avoid injury: invest in expensive equipment or hire an affordable professional. 


All it takes is a poorly placed ladder or one slip of your grip to plummet down into the yard. Depending on the height of your second story, this mistake could be fatal. Are clean windows really worth risking your life? HECK no! That’s where the pros come in. Jacksonville’s local window cleaning experts have years of practice and training to get it done right (and without a tragic tumble). 

DIY Jobs Often Leave Streaks and Smudges, Experts have the Know-How to do it Right

We’re sure you’re really neat and tidy, but the job of cleaning the exterior and interior of all your windows is a daunting task. Just imagine the time requirement of thoroughly scrubbing and drying every single pane, frame, lock and sill. This task can range from five hours to five days, depending on the size of your house. 


A team of professionals uses top-quality equipment to keep the work efficient and thorough. Even new vinyl windows require a periodic deep-clean that many novices can’t master. This is one of those tasks where your time is likely more valuable than attempting the work. 

DIYers Don’t Always Understand Each Window Part, While Experts can Clean to Extend Your Window’s Lifespan

A build-up of dirt and debris can absolutely cause operational harm to your windows. Not only are dirty vinyl windows unsightly, but they can suffer from inoperable locks, fogged glass and broken seals. All of these seeminly minor issues can result in costly repairs down the road. 


Professional window cleaners undergo training for each and every part of your window. Certain tools exist that allow them to clean the inner workings of the locks and the narrow crevices of the frames and track. Window pros know what kind of damage to keep an eye out for and are able to make maintenance recommendations to you as the homeowner. 

Trust the Experts When it Comes to the Installation, Replacement and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Windows

American Window Products is here for you. Our service to Jacksonville residents just like you spans over three decades. Why does that matter, exactly? Years and years of experience lead us to the affordable, expert services we offer today. 


While we don’t offer window cleaning, we do provide top-quality installation and maintenance services to our American Window Products customers. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!