There is a million reasons as to why you may need a replacement window or a set of replacement windows. As time goes by, your windows take a beating. They are constantly exposed to the elements; the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. They have to endure strong winds, big rain storms, and everything in-between. When it comes time to replace your windows, though, it is important to be able to gauge the cost of that replacement.

Budgeting is very important for homeowners in this day and age. There are not many people who can just reach into their savings bank and pull out any amount of money they need to get a home repair done. It takes careful financial planning to be able to get something such as replacement windows purchased and installed properly to ensure the comfort of your home. So what drives the average cost of vinyl replacement windows, and what can you expect to pay for them? Let’s take a look.

Driving the Cost of the Replacement Window

The cost of the replacement window project in your home is going to be driven by a number of factors. The first and biggest is exactly how many windows that you are going to need to be replaced. Once you have that determined, it then comes down to the combination of material, labor, as well as miscellaneous tools and supplies that will drive the cost. When going with vinyl replacement windows, you want to be sure you dog our homework and have a window of high quality installed to ensure a long lifespan.

Material Costs of the Replacement Window

The window itself is the biggest cost associated with any replacement window project in your home. On average, a vinyl window is going to cost anywhere from $300 to $450 each, depending on a few factors. Things such as the quantity of windows that you buy can keep the price down. When you buy windows in bulk, chances are the manufacturer will help you obtain them for a lower price point per unit. The brand that you go with is also going to impact the price point. Windows that are name-brand are going to be more expensive than generic windows. Estimating $300 to $450 per window, though, will give you a decent gauge as to what to expect.

Labor Costs of the Replacement Windows

Labor costs to have the windows installed will also depend on how many windows are a part of the job. Once a laborer is on-site, it is faster for them to install a few windows in one day, than one window at a few different houses. Due to this, it is going to be less expensive in terms of the cost of labor per labor hour with the more windows that are installed. On average, though, you can expect one window to take a few hours to install by a professional. The average labor cost to have one window replaced is around $150. The age of the current windows and how difficult it is to have them removed could either lessen or increase the labor costs associated with your job. The key, though, is not to skimp out on who you hire. A professional who knows what they are doing can help your investment of the replacement window last that much longer.

Miscellaneous Materials, Supplies, and Tools

There are some miscellaneous added expense stat are important to consider and factor into the price point of your replacement window. Things such s the cost to get rid of the old window, the cost of nails, caulking, among other extras, all are going to drive up the price a bit. From a budgeting perspective, it i.e. best to plan out an extra $25 or so for these added costs. It is not a lot, but it is still worth factoring into the price you are planning on spending.

So where does that leave you from a budgeting standpoint for a replacement vinyl window? With the cost of a window itself at around $300 to $450, that is the base. Add in things such as the labor and the miscellaneous expenses and you can expect to spend anywhere from $450 to $600 to have a window replaced. As stated, if your job has multiple windows, it could be realistic to have a set of ten or fifteen windows installed for around $350 to $400 per window. It all depends on the company you hire and how they can work with you and around your budget.